‘RHONJ’ Star Gia Giudice Says She Was ‘Disgusted’ By Jackie Goldschneider’s Drug Analogy

Gia Giudice was 'in shock' that Jackie Goldschneider used her name 'in a poor manner' on 'RHONJ.' Teresa Giudice's daughter revealed how Jackie's drug analogy even got her in trouble with her sorority.

Gia Giudice is revealing how she really felt about that drug-related analogy that Jackie Goldschneider made about her on TV, which even led Gia to receive “complaints” from her sorority. “I was, like, completely disgusted by it,” Gia confessed while speaking to Andy Cohen on the Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen‘s “The Real Housekids of Bravo” special, which will air on May 9 (Entertainment Tonight obtained a sneak peek of Gia’s segment). Gia added, “I never thought my name would ever be brought up.”

Gia Giudice, Jackie Goldschneider
Gia Giudice said she was “completely disgusted” by Jackie Goldschneider’s drug analogy. [Shutterstock]
So, why was Gia’s name brought up during the season premiere of The Real Housewives of New Jersey that aired on Feb. 17? For a quick refresher, Jackie was confronting Gia’s mom, Teresa Giudice, for telling their co-stars that she “heard” Jackie’s husband Evan “does stuff” and “screws around” with other women when he goes to the gym. Jackie likened this baseless rumor to saying that “Gia snorts coke in the bathroom at parties,” an analogy that she kept repeating during a dramatic one-on-one chat with Teresa that led the latter to call Jackie a “f–king b–ch.”

Gia was just as unhappy as her mom about the harmful analogy. “And especially just like being on the show for so long, no Housewife has ever disrespected me,” Teresa’s eldest daughter told Andy in the upcoming WWHL special, adding, “For one person to ever use my name in a poor manner, I was like, in shock.”

While Jackie did eventually apologize and clarify that “there was no truth” to her drug analogy, Gia claimed that SHE first made contact with Jackie. “I, honestly, reached out to her,” Gia told Andy. “Because I had complaints from my sorority. I was almost put in a meeting because they wanted to make sure I was okay. I dealt with a lot of things because of this analogy, and I made her very aware of that. And then, following that, she did apologize and then she did her Twitter apology, which I did…I, like, I thought it was alright, but it wasn’t anything too crazy.”

This is not the first time Gia has spoken out about the reckless analogy. Two days after the premiere aired, Gia also took to Twitter and wrote, “Saying it was an analogy is making it excusable, it’s not. My character is now being questioned. My name was used to make a point. No one should be used in that way, I am suffering the consequences for such an outlandish and untrue statement. While her marriage is happy & in tact.”

Regardless, Gia put her betrayed feelings aside to tell her mom to “apologize” to Jackie for spreading the unfounded cheating rumors about her husband. “She said something about me, she’s upset because you said something about her marriage. And not for nothing, if you went about it in a sh–ty way that upset her, then you should apologize,” Gia told Teresa on the phone during the Feb. 24 episode of RHONJ. She added, “I’m sure you weren’t happy when cheating rumors were going on about you and dad. If you upset her, say sorry.”

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