Katy Perry & Orlando Bloom’s Ex Miranda Kerr Bond Over Motherhood & ‘Unconditional’ Love

Katy Perry revealed the 'greatest thing' about being 'so close' to her fiancé's ex-wife, Miranda Kerr, while the stars gushed about their kids and skincare in an Instagram Live session.

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Katy Perry, Miranda Kerr
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Katy Perry may be engaged to Miranda Kerr‘s ex-husband, but there was nothing but love between the two women while they filmed a joint Instagram Live session on April 13. It was actually Katy’s idea to reunite virtually; the 36-year-old pop star said she “stopped” Miranda in her “tracks” after using the model’s KORA Organics’ Turmeric Glow Moisturizer, and insisted they film together to promote the new product. While the majority of the chat focused on beauty and wellness, the discussion eventually turned to how much they “love” their kids (and each other).

Katy Perry showed off her makeup-free face during the Instagram Live session, which was glowing thanks to Miranda Kerr’s new KORA Organics’ Turmeric Glow Moisturizer. 

“The kids are my number one love…it’s just the best thing in the world, being a mom,” Miranda gushed, who shares her younger sons Myles, 1, and Hart, 2, with her husband, Snap Inc. CEO Evan Spiegel. The former Victoria’s Secret Angel also shares her firstborn son Flynn, 10, with Katy’s fiancé Orlando Bloom. Katy could relate, since she just welcomed her first child with Orlando, a baby girl named Daisy, in Aug. 2020.

Miranda Kerr, Orlando Bloom
Miranda Kerr and Orlando Bloom, pictured above at a Vanity Fair Oscar party in 2013, were married between 2010-2013. [Shutterstock]
“It’s the best job,” Katy agreed, who was wearing a satin robe that Miranda had gifted her for Christmas. The “Fireworks” singer explained that while she got to metaphorically “climb every single mountain” in her life, “especially career-wise,” there was “no feeling like the feeling when [she] had [her] daughter.” Katy added, “That was all the love I was ever searching for.”
“It’s the heart opener of all heart openers,” Miranda said, bouncing off of what Katy said. The singer then elaborated, saying that “as a performer” your art is sometimes “validated by the outside world and that fluctuates.” However, “the love from your children is constant and unconditional and isn’t based on what you have, what you don’t have, what career, what product and that’s definitely made me feel so full,” Katy explained.
Miranda Kerr, Flynn Bloom
A throwback photo of Miranda Kerr holding her son, Flynn — whom she shares with ex-husband Orlando Bloom — on July 5, 2014. [Shutterstock]

Katy then admitted that she’s happy she “didn’t keep bulldozing ahead” as a businesswoman, and realized around the age of 34 that she was “ready” to try for kids with Orlando. “I’m so glad I made the conscious decision to actually try and do that because I didn’t want to miss out on that opportunity…It’s been the best thing, but you know that because you’ve got three [kids],” Katy teased.

Miranda did know that. “I still pinch myself, I feel so lucky to be a mom. it’s just the best,” the model-turned-skincare entrepreneur said. Katy admitted that she didn’t know how Miranda has “time to do anything” while looking “so beautiful.” On that note, Katy credited Miranda for keeping her skin beautiful with KORA Organics’ Turmeric Glow Moisturizer, which she said “changed [her] life.”

katy perry's daughter
Katy Perry is pictured here with her daughter, Daisy, whom she shares with Orlando Bloom as the family enjoyed a beach day in Santa Barbara on April 3, 2021. [MEGA]

When they weren’t chatting about motherhood, Katy also revealed what she loves about her friendship with Miranda. “One of the great things about being close with Miranda is that I get to try out all the new things,” the singer said, referring to Miranda’s many beauty products that the Australian model sells. Katy also pointed out that like Orlando, his ex is very much invested in her health (a trait that has passed on to Orlando and Miranda’s son Flynn, who apparently convinced Katy to stop eating eggs). Towards the end of the interview, both women exchanged I love you‘sMiranda had to go, since it was “bath time for the kiddos.” Katy said she’ll see Miranda “soon.”