Kelsey Grammer’s Daughter Greer Reveals Why She’s Nervous To Ask Dad For A Role In ‘Fraiser’ Reboot

Netflix’s ‘Deadly Illusions’ star Greer Grammer described a gig on 'Frasier' alongside her superstar dad as a 'dream' in this EXCLUSIVE new interview!

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Greer Grammer, 29, is making her mark in Hollywood — especially with roles like Grace in Netflix’s hit flick Deadly Illusions. But despite the movie’s crazy success, she’s still not ready to ask her famous father, Kelsey Grammer, 66, for help to land her “dream” gig. “I would obviously love to be on the Fraiser reboot,” Greer told HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY during an Instagram Live Q&A while promoting the movie on April 2. “I don’t know how to ask that even though you think that I would, that that would be a no-brainer. Like, ‘Dad! Get me a role!’ but I’m always so nervous asking my dad for things,” she confessed.

Greer, who plays a complicated and mentally ill nanny alongside Kristin Davis, 56, and Dermot Mulroney, 57, was just a baby when her dad first starred as Frasier Crane in Sept. 1993. After shows like Saved by the BellBeverly Hills, 90210 and Roseanne getting reboots and finding success, it’s no surprise Kelsey and team are coming back for round two! ViacomCBS’s streaming service Paramount+ announced it’ll be airing the show with a premiere date yet to be officially announced.

Although her dad is family, she likes to keep her business deals separate when it comes to landing a role. “We’ve never really had that relationship,” Greer revealed. “We do, but as far as the business goes, nepotism has never been a thing. My dad was always like, ‘You need to work to get your own jobs,’ which is great, but would love to be on Fraiser!”

The talented actress even spilled the beans on how her dad feels about the show coming back, and it sounds like fans will be pleased. “I just saw him over the weekend and he is so excited about doing it,” Greer added. “He thinks it’s being done the way it’s supposed to be on Paramount+. He’s so excited. It’s really fun to watch him and to get to see this moment in his life.”

Things are going in a positive direction for both Grammers’ as it was just announced that a sequel for Deadly Illusions is already in the works and she has an idea of where she’d like her character to go. “I don’t really know anything much about the sequel,” Greer said. “I just know that it’s being thought about and talked about and kind of written currently, but I don’t know. I would like to see her out! I would like to see her get help and goes to therapy and takes medication and really can because Grace is such a good person and she’s been through so much and she is so sweet and wants the best and so I would love to see her out and healthy and living.” Deadly Illusions is available to stream on Netflix now.

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