Rebel Wilson Injured In Scary Biking Accident In London: See Pic

Rebel Wilson shared the aftermath of her foot injury after a dog ran 'onto the road!'

Rebel Wilson is getting some much-needed rest and relaxation after a terrifying incident that involved a bike, a dog, and the Pitch Perfect alum! Rebel took to Instagram on Monday, March 22, and revealed that she was in a scary accident while visiting London. The actress, 41, revealed that her foot had been injured after she was riding her bike and a dog ran away from their owner and onto the road!

In the photo, Rebel’s left shin and foot were draped with a towel and hefty bag of ice resting on her ankle. The star kept her feet elevated onto a pillow, which rested on a table. But that wasn’t all that Rebel shared with followers. “F**k people who don’t have their dogs on the lead and let them run onto the road,” she wrote as the caption to the image, adding a few exclamation points after her words.

Rebel Wilson revealed that she injured her foot following a biking accident in London on Monday, March 22 [MEGA].
Rebel even gave her fans a glimpse into what she was up to just before the incident occurred. The actress shared a video of herself riding on her bike and capturing the gorgeous views of London all around her. Rebel looked like an absolute natural, and even assured her fans that she was doing really well while getting some exercise out on the town. “But 20 minutes earlier before the accident, I was cycling great,” she wrote.


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While on her bike, however, Rebel did have her headphones on and she was recording herself, making it a tad more difficult to pay attention to what was going on around her. Fortunately, Rebel’s time in London was a total bust. The star also revealed that she was able to reunite with one of her former co-stars, and gave her fans the Bridesmaids reunion they didn’t know they needed.

While in London, Rebel snapped a photo with pal Matt Lucas. Matt and Rebel go way back, and starred in supporting roles in the 2011 comedy Bridesmaids! Despite her accident, Rebel clearly had a good time safely reuniting with her longtime pal.

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