Denise Richards & Charlie Sheen Reunite With Their 2 Daughters To Celebrate Sami’s 17th Birthday

Sami Sheen shared a cozy new photo of her enjoying her special day in front of a dinner table with her mom, dad, and sister Lola.

Denise Richards, 50, and Charlie Sheen, 55, may no longer be romantically involved but they put their differences aside to celebrate one of their two daughters. The former husband and wife reunited to sit down and enjoy a birthday dinner for their oldest gal Sami, who turned 17 on Mar. 9, and posed for a cute photo while they were at it. The birthday girl took to her Instagram story to share the snapshot.

In the happy pic, Denise and Charlie are smiling and posing with Sami and their other daughter, Lola, 15, while sitting at what appears to be a restaurant’s table, which has a lit candle and slice of cake on a plate on it. Lola sat on the far right near her dad and had her arm around him while Sami sat on the other side of Charlie and Denise sat on the far left. There was no caption for the photo but from their cozy pose, it’s clear to see the group seemed to have a good time.

Sami’s birthday celebration comes almost a year after Denise made headlines for speaking about her divorce from Charlie, which took place in 2006. “It was a very dark time and very toxic and I filed for divorce when I was 6 months pregnant with [Lola],” she said on an episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills in May 2020. “I always did whatever I could to hide Charlie’s behavior. How do you tell kids what’s really going on? I would say ‘Dad has to go to work, but he loves you so much, he wants to be there for you girls’.”

Denise Richards, Charlie Sheen, Sami & Lola
Denise Richards and Charlie Sheen during an outing with their daughters in 2012. (SplashNews)

Denise also went on to debunk rumors that when she and Charlie were married, they had a “wild” relationship. “A lot of people have an impression of me being wild and crazy, but Charlie was sober when we got married so we were not this swinging couple like people might assume,” she said in her confessional interview. “We weren’t.”

Denise and Charlie first got to know each other when they were working on the 2001 film, Good Advice. They started dating after she guest-starred on his TV series Spin City that same year and by the end of the year, they were engaged. They got hitched in June 2002 and had their first child together in 2004 but by the time Denise was pregnant with their second child in 2006, they split after Charlie. who’s had drug and alcohol issues, relapsed.

Since then, they’ve both moved on romantically but continue to give their girls a healthy co-parenting experience.

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