Melanie Griffith’s Daughter & Dakota Johnson’s Sister Stella Banderas, 24, Wears Crop Top In Rare Pic

Stella Banderas took to Instagram to share a series of pics, including one that showed her looking incredible in a graphic short-sleeved crop top and jeans, while promoting her friend's clothing line.

Stella Banderas, 24, is looking fantastic in her latest social media pic! The daughter of Melanie Griffith, 63, posted various photos to her Instagram page on Mar. 1 and one of them was a rare snapshot of her posing while showing off her fit figure. She was wearing a graphic short-sleeved crop top that appeared to be styled after a comic strip, and dark blue jeans. Check out the post HERE!

She also had her long straight locks down and parted in the middle as she gave a serious but confident look to the camera. To top off the look, the beauty had her long nails painted and decorated and a gold bracelet on her wrist. Her caption revealed that she was promoting her friend’s clothing line in the photo.

Antonio Banderas, Stella Banderas
Stella Banderas poses at a previous event with her dad Antonio Banderas. (Shutterstock)

“Shop my best friend’s @lineofone before it’s gone 🛍💫💖,” the caption read.

In addition to Stella’s pic, there were several other models posing in stylish clothes from the line. They included a white crop top and jeans, a black vest over a white crop top and matching black pants, a black short-sleeved dress that had a sheer waist, and a light brown patterned short-sleeved dress.

Once Stella shared her post, it didn’t take long for her followers to compliment on the epic photos. Her mom, Melanie was one of the first to respond. “Beauty!!! ❤️❤️❤️,” she gushed.

“Stella, you are wonderful! 😍😍,” another exclaimed while a third just simply said, “Wow.”

Stella’s latest pic is kind of surprising since she doesn’t often post pics of herself. The sister of Dakota Johnson, 31, and daughter of Antonio Banderas, 60, who can be seen with her in the photo above, generally stays out of the spotlight but when she does decide to step in it, she leaves a lasting impression. Her social media selfies not only show off her eye-catching features but also her booming career, such as the release of a perfume, which she recently revealed will be available soon.

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