Meek Mill Raps About Kobe Bryant & A ‘Choppa’ On New Song & Fans Are Furious: ‘This Is Disgusting’

A snippet from Meek Mill's new song with Lil Baby leaked on Feb. 17, and the rapper is under fire for a lyric about Kobe Bryant, which many fans are calling insensitive.

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Meek Mill has a new. song with Lil Baby coming out, and fans are not happy with one of the lyrics that they’ve heard so far. A small portion of the track leaked on Feb. 17, and attention was immediately called to Meek’s lyric about the late Kobe Bryant. “I’ll go out with my choppa, it’ll be another Kobe,” Meek reportedly raps on the song. Considering Kobe died in a helicopter crash just over one year ago, this line has been dubbed as extremely ‘disrespectful.’

“Meek Mill really thought that verse was acceptable…” one fan wondered on Twitter, while another wrote, “Meek Mill been a clown but to say that line about Kobe & a choppa….ON BLACK HISTORY MONTH?!” Someone else tweeted, “I already didn’t like Meek, but why drop Kobe’s name like that? Disgusting,” and several other people posted GIFs and photos to represent their horrified reactions to the lyric.

meek mill performing
Meek Mill performing in a striped shirt and jacket. (Scott Weiner/MediaPunch/IPx)

After hearing about the backlash, Meek took to Twitter to defend himself. “Somebody promo a narrative and y’all follow it,” he tweeted. “Y’all internet antics cannot stop me. S*** like Zombieland or something! They paying to influence y’all now. It’s almost like mind control.”

Several fans also jumped in to defend the rapper and try to explain what he really meant by the lyric. “All they seen was choppas and Kobe and they lose their mind,” someone tweeted. “When whole time you was sayin you’ll go out shootin’ if n***** try and line you….and you’ll die a legend like Kobe.” Still, the overall response was that Meek even mentioning Kobe in the context of a ‘choppa’ was extremely disrespectful.

kobe bryant
Kobe Bryant playing in a basketball game for the LA Lakers. (AP)

Of course, this is not the first time that Meek has been the subject of Internet controversy. At the end of 2020, he was slammed for talking about his ex, Nicki Minaj, and her newborn baby in a chat on Clubhouse. Even though he didn’t say anything negative about Nicki, fans trashed Meek for continuing to use the new mom’s name to get attention. Nicki did not respond.