Trumps Accused Of Photoshopping Xmas Card As People Claim They Used Old Pic Of Donald

The Trumps are being accused of photoshopping their White House holiday card, after Donald turned out looking like the ghost of Christmas past. Was he even there, or edited in?

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The Trumps may be conservative, but their use of photoshop is certainly liberal. First Lady Melania Trump (of “f**k Christmas” fame) tweeted the White House’s official holiday card ahead of the holiday, which featured a photo of herself and President Donald Trump beaming while standing on a set of stairs in the White House. They’re even wearing matching tuxedos. Slight problem? Twitter users think that Donald wasn’t really there.

Donald Trump Melania Trump
Donald and Melania Trump’s 2020 Christmas Card (Best Image/ BACKGRID)

While Melania tweeted that the photo was taken on December 10, Donald’s contribution may have occurred in 2019. The outfit, his facial expression, even his stance, eerily mirror a photo taken of him visiting with Prince Charles and Duchess Camilla during his state visit to London last June. even a Photoshop newbie can tell that there’s something a little off about the 2020 Christmas card.

It’s all in the details — Donald almost appears to be a paper cutout because of the lack of shadowing around his feet. While there is a subtle shadow behind him on the stairs, it doesn’t appear that his feet are on the carpet. While he and Melania are standing close together, it doesn’t seem like he’s actually touching his wife. Of course, this could all be tricks of lighting. But you have to admit that it’s unnerving. As one Twitter user put it, “What a Lovely photo (shop).”

Donald Melania Trump Prince Charles Camilla
Donald and Melania Trump visit with Prince Charles and Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, during a state visit to London in June 2019 (AP)

While he has been tweeting plenty about election “fraud,” the president hasn’t been seen in public since December 12, when he attended the Army-Navy football game at West Point. This is the Trumps last Christmas in the White House. President-elect Joe Biden will be inaugurated at noon on January 20.

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