Dua Lipa Makes Cameo As Kristen Wiig & Bowen Yang’s ‘Soldiers’ Spoof A Whitney Houston Classic

Kristen Wiig is back! The 'SNL' OG closed out the last episode of 2020 with a bang (and tons of laughs) with this '90s inspired tune.

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Dua Lipa & Bowen Yang
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Kristen Wiig, 47, was always a delight on Saturday Night Live — and her subsequent hosting gigs have been just as epic! The Bridesmaids star popped up in a hilarious 1940s-themed sketch with a distinctly ’90s sound (yes, you read that right) that included a hilarious cameo by musical performer Dua Lipa, 25. “Well it’s Christmas Eve and you might be missing something special. So I’ve got a song for you — but I need a volunteer!” Kristen’s red-lipped solder announced as Bowen Yang’s character appeared up for the dig.

Dua Lipa & Kristen Wiig & Bowen Yang
Dua Lipa made a surprise appearance in an SNL sketch. (NBC)

“Stay on the rhythm!” she declared, as the song — clearly inspired by the late Whitney Houston‘s 1999 classic “It’s Not Right But It’s OK” — began. Of course, the duo started with a phone conversation as an “interlude,” just like any R&B tune from the decade. “Boy I won’t be coming home…I got work. Don’t wait up,” Kristen hilariously said, as Bowen got right into the singing. “Is that right? Because you know that I’ve been hanging out all night,” he said. “You can help the way you treat me.”

“Doing me wrong and doing me right/Where do you go in the middle of the night,” they then sang together on the chorus, which was a dead ringer for the original Darkchild produced song. “Doing me wrong and doing me right/You’re pissing me off/It’s a long fight,” they continued as Kristen hilariously straddled Bowen. Their audience of 1940’s soldiers seemed particularly confused, noting they weren’t sure if the performance as a “play” while another said it was “noisy.”

“My girl Shaniece saw you at the club!” Bowen then accused Kristen, who retorted, “Well she needs to get her eyes checked.” He then questioned, “So why does the car smell like sex with a girl who isn’t me? Break it down ya’ll” (Kristen appeared to be singing from a male perspective, while Bowen sang from a female’s). “Girl do you wear red Satin panties?” Kristen asked as Dua Lipa charged out on stage. “I’ve been looking for those!” she hilariously said, joining the comedic duo for the final chorus.

The Canandaigua, New York native was announced to be hosting the Dec. 19 episode alongside musical guest Dua Lipa, 25, a month prior. “Wiig Returns” a tweet on the official SNL twitter read on Dec. 16, including an epic montage of some of her most memorable Christmas sketches (including one of the “Target Lady” ones). She last hosted the season 45 finale in May 2020, which was part of a special social-distanced SNL At Home series. Kristen was notably a full-time cast member on the sketch series from 2003 – 2012.

Kristen departed the series after a highly successful run hot off the heels of Bridesmaids.
“Being surrounded by creative people and knowing that you’re all in it together, and you’re putting on a show, you’re all pushing this huge boulder together – every Saturday you do something that you’re scared to do – I think I will miss that feeling,” she said of leaving back in 2012 to The Hollywood Reporter.

“That, I have to say, one of the greatest gifts that I’ve gotten from SNL is getting out of my comfort zone,” she went on. “I realized, and I think [showrunner] Lorne [Michaels] realized probably the first handful of years that I was there, most of my characters were ladies in their 40s with short hair and weird sweaters, that no one wanted at their dinner party. The good thing about being at SNL, for me creatively, is to think, ‘Okay, I’m comfortable enough. I really want to try something that’s not something that I normally do.'”