Leah Messer Claps Back After Hater Calls Her Daughter’s Behavior ‘Pitiful’: ‘For Crying Out Loud, She Was 6’

'Teen Mom 2's Leah Messer is getting mom shamed for how she handled her daughter sticking gum on a producer's microphone and refusing to take it off.

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Leah Messer’s getting called out by fans for being too lenient with how she disciplines her seven-year-old daughter Adalynn Calvert. In the Dec. 15 Teen Mom 2 episode, Leah was in her car looking down at her phone when Addie yelled “It’s stuck. I can’t get it off,” from the very back of the mini-van, then added “I kinda ruined one of your mics,” about gum she apparently stuck on her microphone. “What did you put on my microphone Addie?” a producer named Josh asked. You can see the exchange in the video below:

“Gum” a grinning Addie answered, as Josh patiently asked, “Do you want to take it off for me?” She smiled and said “no” while he asked her again, “Could you please?” Addie held the mic with the big wad of gum up and towards Josh, seeming like she didn’t want to do the task. Even another producer named Brendan jumped in and asked, “Can you pull it off for him?”

“Why can’t he?” Addie asked Brendan about why Josh couldn’t remove her gum, and Josh patiently told her, “Because you’re the owner of the gum, and I’m the owner of the microphone. We can find another home for your gum.” Leah then finally intervened and said “Yeah, in this bag right here she can find it,” and passed a white plastic bag back to Addie and Josh. “Addie, you know better with the gum!” Leah added with a slight scold.

Some viewers tore into how Addie seemed to be acting bratty and how late Leah was to react to what was going on. User @meiko_miss tweeted, @LeahMesser That’s just pitiful she behaves like this” and when another fan asked if she was kidding, one user witt_Keiffa jumped in to write, “Joking? You think Addie’s behavior is good, ever? Not just here. Always. They laugh at her smart ass mouth. It’s not cute.”

Leah had enough, responding to the original poster and defended her little girl. “Just to be clear: Addie did not intentionally put the gum on the mic. She had it on a wrapper and sat the mic down on it. For crying out loud, she was 6,” The 28-year-old mother of three wrote.

Leah Messer
Leah Messer clapped back at fans who called her daughter’s behavior ‘pitiful’ during a Dec. 15 ‘Teen Mom 2’ episode. Photo credit: MEGA.

However, other fans were less than impressed with how Leah had originally seemed to let the producers handle the situation with her daughter and the gum on the microphone. User @kadrra wrote, “@TeenMom @LeahMesser
Nice just stay on the phone vs seeing what is wrong with your kid and letting others take care of it prime example,” while
@hunniii_hefner claimed that if it had been Leah’s ex husband Jeremy Calvert, the situation would have been handled more smoothly. “It pissed me off that leah was just on her phone…. She needs to more concerned with being their mother than being concerned with being their friend/ ‘a cool mom.’ Guaranteed if this was Jeremy the scene would’ve been different,” the viewer wrote.

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