‘The Bachelorette’: Tayshia Sends Half Of The Guys Home & Decides Which 4 Families She’ll Meet

Tayshia Adams has picked her final four on 'The Bachelorette.' Ahead of 'Men Tell All' on Dec. 14, Tayshia eliminated four men and pick four others for hometown dates.

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The Dec. 14 episode of The Bachelorette picked up after Bennett Jordan returned to the show for another chance with Tayshia Adams. It was eventually revealed that she decided to let him stick around for the next rose ceremony. Before it was time for that, though, Tayshia had her next on-on-one date with Blake Moynes. There was a lot riding on this date, as it was Blake’s last chance to get some quality time with Tayshia before she eliminated four out of the eight remaining guys by deciding which four families she wanted to meet.

Blake and Tayshia visited a crystal guru, but the connection just wasn’t there for Tayshia. She wasn’t feeling confidence in the relationship like she had with some of the other men. Before even getting to the nighttime portion of the date, Tayshia eliminated Blake, leaving her with seven guys left. There was something else weighing on her, too, though.

tayshia adams blake moynes
Tayshia Adams holds hands with Blake Moynes on a date. (ABC)

After sending Blake home, she paid a visit to the other men. Tayshia was in tears as she explained what a difficult time she was having as the show was starting to wind down. She pulled Riley aside and told him that she didn’t feel like her heart was 100 percent matching his in the way it needed to be before hometown dates. Tayshia decided to also eliminate Riley on the spot, which meant there were now only six guys left.

tayshia adams bennett noah
Tayshia Adams has a tough conversation with Bennett and Noah on ‘The Bachelorette.’ (ABC)

Going into the rose ceremony, Ben already had a rose from his one-on-one date last week. So, Tayshia had three more roses to give out before hometowns, and five guys to choose from: Noah, Bennett, Brendan, Zac and Ivan. After a day of reflection, Tayshia came to terms with what she had to do — even without a cocktail party. Instead, the evening went immediately into a rose ceremony.

Tayshia gave the first rose to Zac, followed by Ivan and Brendan. So, those three guys, along with Ben, will make up the final four. That means that Bennett and Noah were eliminated. Tayshia will meet Ben, Ivan, Zac and Brendan’s families during the show’s next episode on Dec. 15.

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