Reign Disick, 5, Guesses Aunt Kim Kardashian’s Age & Her Reaction Is Priceless –- Cute Video

The Kardashian sisters' youthful appearances aren't lost on Kourtney's five-year-old son Reign. He gave auntie Kim quite a surprising answer when she quizzed him about how old she is.

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Despite Kim Kardashian‘s over the top celebrations to cheer on turning 40, there’s one young member of her family who apparently isn’t completely aware of her milestone age. Or at least five-year-old Reign Disick really knows how to turn on the charm and make his aunt feel extremely youthful. Kim shared a hilarious series of Instagram stories on Oct. 3, where she kept asking Kourtney Kardashian, 41, and Scott Disick‘s youngest son her age, and getting differing answers.

“Kiki are you 26? You look like you’re 26,” Reign adorably told Kim while sitting near her lap at home, referring to his aunt by the family’s nickname. “I look like I’m 26….years-old?” Kim said with gleeful surprise, before asking Reign, “Guess how old I really am.” He then made her day even brighter by telling her he thinks she’s “25,” to which Kim told her nephew, “You get even better and better!”

Reign then kicked back on the sofa and said something about Kim being “twenty forty,” and she fessed up, “I am 40.” Reign then showed why he’s emerging as the cutest of the Kardashian kids by having his eyes grow wide as he let out a sing-songy, “Oh no,” as if he’d made a big mistake. The tot then rolled his eyes and made an expression with his tongue, saying he guessed wrong.

“Do you think I look 40?” Kim quizzed Reign in a slightly worried tone and he told her firmly, “Yes.” She then reminded her little nephew, “You just said I’m 26,” and while he replied back to her that “Yeah, you are 26.” Reign was then interrupted by one of his cousins with a packet of Capri Sun apple juice that got him way more stoked than talking about age with Kim.

Kim Kardashian
Kim Kardashian does look closer to 26 than 40, like her nephew Reign believes. Photo credit: MEGA.

The KKW Beauty founder was on a mission though!  She immediately tried to get the conversation away from juice, asking Reign, “I just want to get back to the age thing. Do you think I look 25 or 26 or 40. Wait, I need to know this!” she told Reign, who exclaimed “Byeeee!” and crawled over to the other side of the sofa.

Eventually he was seen in the next video sitting directly across from Kim on the sofa being quizzed by his relentless aunt. She explained to Reign, “You brought up the 25 and 26 thing, not me. I had to tell you,” before the boy’s dad Scott could be heard asking his son, “How old does she look?” “How old do I look? Look at me?” Kim asks again before Reign shut it all down by telling Kim she looks “100.” Kim let out a hearty laugh, and then Reign knew enough to keep peace and told his aunt she looks “26” for his final answer. Kim excitedly exclaimed, “For real?” and Scott thanked his son for being “honest.” Oh man, Reign learned his lesson not to guess the ages of any of his aunts or he could be there for a while.

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