Gayle King Reveals She Lost 7 Lbs. In 5 Days With A ‘Soup Fast’ To Fit Into Election Night Dress

Gayle King shared the final results of her healthy weight loss diet prior to covering election night! The journalist admitted that she was 'praying' her dress 'now fits' in the caption to her before and after pics!

Gayle King
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Image Credit: Sipa USA via AP

Gayle King is ready to cover election night in the United States. The CBS journalist, 65, took to Instagram on November 3, Election Day, and shared with her over 845K followers that she had dropped seven lbs in five days! “Just completed 5 day soup fast & the results are in,” the CBS This Morning anchor began the caption to her post, which featured Gayle’s feet on an electronic scale showing her before weight — 172.2 lbs. — and her after weight — 165 lbs.

“Trying to get into mustard yellow dress for Elex night coverage TONITE ..praying to sweet black baby Jesus it now fits, that you VOTE, & that there is PEACE,” she continued her post. Gayle also made a request to her followers, some of whom were likely prepared to make comments about the state of Gayle’s pedicure. “Ps plz withhold all negative comments about my jacked up feet,” she added.

“I’m well aware they are a hot mess but not yet comfortable in a covid environment going to nail salon… bigger issues to worry about.” Tonight, Gayle will join a team of CBS news anchors and political prognosticators to cover the results of the 2020 election. While fans of Gayle are surely looking forward to seeing the anchor confidently report on the incoming results, many will be glued to their TV screens to learn about what direction the majority of Americans want to take this country — and who they want to lead it.

Gayle King
Gayle King attends the world premiere of Apple TV+’s “The Morning Show” at David Geffen Hall at Lincoln Center on October 28, 2019 [Sipa USA via AP].
Prior to sharing the diet that she went on to lose the weight, Gayle got very candid on Instagram on October 24, revealing that she had gained weight amid the coronavirus pandemic. “CRISIS! The weight struggle is real,” she began her post, highlighting her weight on the scale. “[I’m] fatter than I’ve been in long time .. & scared to get a pedicure (big sigh) swipe left for the way we were,” she added, sharing photos of her prior weight check-ins.

“Ideal weight says Dr is 163… not happening anytime soon,” she continued, adding that she was “blaming corona quarantine & Halloween candy corns I just bought ! Make it stop!” Fortunately, Gayle took the time she needed in the final days leading up to the election to put her health and wellbeing first! As the journalist prepares to cover tonight’s election returns, fans look forward to seeing Gayle in her mustard yellow dress while addressing the nation.

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