‘The Good Doctor’: [Spoiler] Returns In Jaw-Dropping Season 4 Premiere Twist

'The Good Doctor' season 4 premiere was an incredible episode from start to finish, but the final moments featured the shocking return of a fan-favorite character. Spoilers!

The Good Doctor
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During The Good Doctor season 4 premiere, Claire treats a COVID-19 patient who sadly does not make it. The patient’s daughter asks Claire to find her mother’s cross necklace. At first, Claire says she can’t do that because of the pandemic, but she ends up going down to the storage room to find it.

Claire finds piles of patients’ belongings. She doesn’t even know where to start. “Things will be OK,” Melendez says, echoing what he told Claire in his final moments. Claire hears his voice and turns around. He’s standing right in front of her. She almost doesn’t believe what she sees. She blinks and looks completely shocked to see Melendez.

Nicholas Gonzalez
Dr. Melendez returned during the season 4 premiere of ‘The Good Doctor.’ (ABC)

Now Melendez can’t be alive. He sadly passed away from injuries he suffered during the earthquake last season. By the time Melendez realized his injuries were severe, it was too late to save him. Claire was by his side as he took his last breaths in the season 3 finale. They had finally admitted that they loved each other, only to have their chance at happiness with each other ripped away from them. Claire is clearly having a vision or hallucination of Melendez, and the reason for that has yet to be revealed.

Earlier in the episode, Claire and Lim met up on a park bench to sit and think about Melendez, someone they both loved. “I’m glad we come here,” Lim says. Claire replies, “I don’t want to stop coming.” When Lim asks why, Claire says, “You mourn, you cry, and then you forget.” Claire doesn’t want to forget Melendez.

The Good Doctor
Claire and Lim have bonded over the loss of Melendez. (ABC)

“You don’t forget. You start to move on,” Lim tells Claire. Claire stresses again that she doesn’t want to stop coming to this place. For now, Claire isn’t ready to move on from Melendez. The Good Doctor season 4 airs Mondays at 10 p.m. on ABC.

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