‘Teen Mom 2’ Recap: Leah Messer Cries As She Fears Ali’s Condition Is Getting Worse

Leah Messer couldn't help but break down in tears again, during the Oct. 20 episode of 'Teen Mom 2', after learning that Ali may need to use a wheelchair permanently from here on out.

Leah Messer
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Leah Messer received both good news and bad news during the Oct. 20 episode of Teen Mom 2. Following Ali‘s terrifying fall last week, Leah had her daughter get an X-ray to make sure nothing bad had happened. Ali had previously told Leah she screamed from the pain after falling, so Leah just wanted to make sure everything was okay. And fortunately for them, the X-ray results only showed a sprain, not a break. So for now, Ali’s going to be okay. But at the end of the day, Ali still fell, so Leah is now fearing the worst.

As Leah sat down with her sister, Victoria, she shed tears over the thought of Ali needed a wheelchair regularly. She knows how much Ali loves to walk and be like everyone else, so she fears a life in a wheelchair will just crush Ali’s spirit. And that’s what hurts Leah the most — she said she doesn’t want to see her daughter’s condition worsen nor does she want to see Ali unhappy.

Leah Messer cries on ‘Teen Mom 2’. (MTV)

Meanwhile, Jade Cline had her own drama to deal with. Tensions erupted when she asked her parents to move out. Especially because they still feel Sean is to blame for the drugs that were found in Jade’s bathroom. He, however, passed a drug test last week, so Jade thinks her parents are the ones who left the drugs there. Even so, Jade’s parents felt they were being inconvenienced so they refused to move out on Jade’s timeline. Thus, Jade started spiraling and nearly had a nervous breakdown.

Later, Briana DeJesus and her family moved into their new house just in time for Thanksgiving. But after Briana’s mom, Roxanne, invited DeVoin‘s family, things took a turn for the worse. Briana and her sister told their mom that she needs to get Briana’s approval before inviting others into Briana’s new house, but she disagreed. However, she later saw the drama she had caused when DeVoin’s mom refused to get out of the car upon arrival. She claimed she didn’t feel well, but Briana thought her behavior was “weird”.

As for Kailyn Lowry, she also decided she and her kids needed a major household change. She had recently moved everyone closer to Chris Lopez in hopes that he’d see Lux more often, but since he wasn’t making much of an effort, she decided to move her kids back to Dover, so they could be closer to her other baby daddies, Jo Rivera and Javi Marroquin — since they actually make an effort with their kids, unlike Chris. Kailyn actually put an offer in on a house she liked, and Isaac seemed thrilled since it has a pool and a slide.

Finally, Chelsea Houska wasn’t thrilled when she learned that Aubree‘s grandmother put Adam Lind‘s phone number in Aubree’s new cell phone without asking anyone’s permission. Chelsea didn’t care if Adam’s number was in Aubree’s phone as long as Aubree wanted it in there. Anyway, Chelsea saw that Adam sent Aubree a text, but when she realized he failed to keep any sort of conversation going with his daughter, now that he actually has direct communication with her, she decided to go about changing their custody arrangement. Chelsea expressed that she’s tired of feeling like she’s just co-parenting with Adam’s parents, and not him. If he isn’t going to put in any effort, she doesn’t want to be forced to take Aubree to Adam’s parents every other weekend.

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