Halle Berry Drops The F-Bomb As She Reveals She Doesn’t Like All Of Her BFF’s Friends

Halle Berry revealed she doesn't like 'a lot' of her best friend Lindsay Flores' 'f*****g friends' when the duo sat down for a fun chat about friendships in a new video.

Halle Berry
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Halle Berry, 54, got the attention of a lot of her followers when she totally outright said a swear word in her latest video! The gorgeous actress sat down with her best friend Lindsay Flores for the Oct. 20th Instagram clip called Bad & Booshy, which featured them discussing their over 20-year friendship as well as answering questions about friendship in general as they enjoyed drinks. At one point, when mentioning one another’s other friends, Halle dropped the f-bomb as she admitted to not liking all of Lindsay’s pals.

“I don’t like a lot of her f***ing friends. I’m gonna shoot you straight,” she said in the middle of the video before Lindsay replied with, “That’s true. And I don’t like a lot of hers, actually!” Halle agreed while adding that “it don’t matter because her friends are her friends and my friends are my friends and we don’t have to mix that because what we have supersedes all of that and none of that stuff matters.” She went on to make Lindsay laugh when she added, “so whoever her friends are, I don’t like them half the time, and neither does she mine and it’s OK.”

The funny exchange between Halle and Lindsay happened when they were answering a specific question about how to get a person’s two friends who “don’t like each other at all” to get along. The two ladies also talked about how they met through a stylist that Lindsay was working for and Halle was working with. “I knew she was my life wife,” Halle said about her feelings when first meeting Lindsay. “She had mad style, she was super cool, she was very funny.”

Halle Berry
Halle Berry, seen here at a previous event, hilariously dropped an f-bomb when discussing friendships in her latest Instagram video. (MEGA)

Halle and Lindsay also touched on the subject of how to know when you’ve made a true friend in life. “I think it’s because you just know when you feel comfortable with someone, right?” Halle asked Lindsay before playfully telling her to “sit back” as she pulled her back against the back of the couch they were sitting on. They both laughed as Lindsay went on to give her take on true friendship.

“I think you know you’ve made a true friend if you can someone to go to the pharmacy for you and get some things that you wouldn’t ask everybody to go to the pharmacy for you for,” she said. After Halle asked what that would be, her cheeky friend admitted she’d get her “tampons” if she asked. “When you need a tampon, you need a tampon,” Halle replied while also mentioning she has people to get her them if she needed.

Check out the full version of the funny video above!

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