LeBron James Builds Massive Playhouse For Daughter Zhuri, 5, & It’s Basically The Size Of A Mansion — Watch

Move over Kar-Jenner kids, as LeBron James has bought his daughter the most enviable playhouse ever. The five-year-old now has a home to herself so big that some adults would be thankful to live there.

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LeBron and Zhuri James
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It’s good to have a dad who is the King! LeBron James returned home from winning his fourth career NBA Championship to give an early birthday gift to his “princess,” five-year-old daughter Zhuri, who turns six on Oct. 22. She has a new playhouse in the backyard of the family’s Brentwood, CA estate and it is beyond elaborate. It is a mini-version of the 35-year-old athlete’s family mansion, and even he is in awe of it. The Lakers superstar shared videos of it to his Instagram on Oct. 13, giving a tour of the new digs. “Early b-day gift my princess. Love you baby Z,” Bron wrote at the beginning of his IG stories session.

“So this is outside the house,” LeBron narrated, showing his home’s backyard patio eating area with a full long dining table and several white sofas. He then panned across the backyard, over to Zhuri standing in front door of her new pad, saying “And then this little girl has the nerve to have her own house.” The structure featured the same white and black color scheme as LeBron and his 34-year-old wife Savannah‘s mansion. Even Zhuri could be heard saying how her new abode “looks like a real house.”

The front featured nearly a full sized doorway, as Zhuri could be seen standing inside of it as LeBron asked her “are you doing school?” in there…which Z proudly said she was. “Your house looks just like the big house though,” he continued, panning back from Zhuri’s “playhouse” to the main estate’s backside.

LeBron then gave fans a look inside, as Zhuri invited him in and the 6’9″ NBA superstar was able to comfortably sit down atop a little purple velvet sofa inside of the playhouse. LeBron doesn’t have to worry about it getting messy inside, as Zhuri adorably grabbed  a napkin from the adjoining kitchen and wiped off his footprints off of the black and white checkerboard flooring entryway. “My bad, I got your floor dirty?” the champ asked with a laugh.

LeBron and Zhuri James
My how she’s grown! LeBron James holds then one-year-old daughter Zhuri after winning the 2016 NBA Championship with the Cleveland Cavaliers. Photo credit: AP.

Zhuri already has her dad’s dedication to success, as she really was using her playhouse as a place where she could quietly do her schoolwork away from the rest of her family, instead of actually playing in it. She had a moment in between learning sessions, and used it to join her daddy for an al fresco breakfast on the back patio of the main home, just a stone’s throw from Zhuri’s new place. “Breakfast with my champion during her school break,” LeBron captioned the Instagram stories video of the pair fueling up for the day.

King James was clearly enjoying his daddy-daughter time back at home in L.A. after being gone since July to play inside the NBA’s quarantine “Bubble” in Orlando, FL. The Lakers finished off their COVID-19 postponed 2020 season, made it through the playoffs and on Oct. 11 beat the Miami Heat in game six to take home the franchise’s 17 NBA Championship. After three months away, he’s clearly glad to be back at home with his family, with another Championship trophy under his belt and yet another finals MVP title. Now he’s got some well deserved family time chilling with Zhuri in her new playhouse.