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Kailyn Lowry Claims Ex Javi Marroquin Tried Hooking Up With Her & Cheating On His GF — Watch

In the latest preview for 'Teen Mom 2', Kailyn Lowry said her ex husband Javi Marroquin has been hitting on her, and even tried to hook up with her in a gas station parking lot.

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Kailyn Lowry, 28, has opened up about her relationship with ex-husband Javi Marroquin in the latest preview for Teen Mom 2. The clip, which was released on October 11, showed the reality star talking to a producer about the pair’s new arrangement to meet in the middle when dropping off, and picking up, their son Lincoln, 6. “Javi was like fine with it, but now he’s saying ‘It’s your turn to drive, isn’t it only when I have to drop off that I meet you?’ … then he texted me and said ‘I’m not going to do anything for you because you’re mean to me and [fiance] Lauren [Comeau].”

The mom-of-three, who has feuded with Javi’s new girlfriend in the past, insisted, “I leave her alone, I don’t talk about her,” before saying she was “pissed off” about Javi’s reluctance to meet in the middle when picking up their young son. She then added, “You’re going to treat me like this … oh is that why you tried to f**k me on Tuesday? In the Wawa parking lot, while your girlfriend is home with your son … just this past week.”

The Teen Mom 2 producer pressed Kailyn for more information about the alleged incidence. “He pulled into the Wawa parking lot while I was getting gas and was like ‘hey what’s up?’ then he opened the door and was like, ‘I wanna f**k you plain and simple’. I said bye Javi … I have all the texts of him trying to meet up.”

Kailyn Lowry has opened up about her relationship with her ex husband in a new preview for ‘Teen Mom 2’. Image: SplashNews

The camera then flashed to her phone screen, which showed a text from her ex reading, “Want me to slide”. Kailyn said Javi was leaving the gym when he reached out to ask if he could “slide through”. She said, “So you’re willing to come to Middletown to f**k me but you won’t come here to get your son? Only if it benefits you in a sexual way.”