Vanessa Hudgens Looks Just Like Kylie Jenner While Pouting Her Lips In New Selfie

Fans can't get over how much Vanessa Hudgens resembles Kylie Jenner in the singer's latest selfie! To be honest, we had to do a double-take too!

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Vanessa Hudgens & Kylie Jenner
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The internet is buzzing over Vanessa Hudgens‘ new Instagram selfie! The actress, 31, unknowingly started a debate as to whether or not she looks like Kylie Jenner in her October 8 post. Vanessa, who’s randomly wearing a pair of “elf ears,” is pictured pouting her lips with her head slightly tilted. — A pose that Kylie’s all too familiar with… minus the false ears. (Vanessa’s just gearing up for Halloween!)

“I thought you were Kylie for a sec,” one fan wrote. “Wow does anyone else think she looks like Kylie Jenner or…..,” a separate fan commented. Another added, “Kylie Jenner lips!” One critic said Vanessa was channeling the “grown up” version of Judy the elf from The Santa Clause. Another commenter noted that she was “giving off Lord of the Rings / fairy vibes.” A few fans even called Vanessa the “Halloween queen.”

Vanessa Hudgens & Kylie Jenner
Vanessa Hudgens & Kylie Jenner. (Photo credit: AP Images)

“Never knew elf ears were such a must have. Lol,” Vanessa wrote alongside the black and white photo. The singer was most likely trying on Halloween costumes since her favorite holiday is quickly approaching. She’s been getting ready for October 31 for weeks. On September 10, Vanessa transformed into a “spooky Bratz doll” costume. — And, as suspected, she looked amazing!

To achieve the look, Vanessa teased her hair and swept it into a half-up, high ponytail. She clipped back the front part of her hair with purple barrettes to for an added Bratz effect. Her makeup was super dramatic, just like any good Bratz doll should have. Vanessa wore clumpy false eyelashes, shiny pink eyeshadow and liner, and dark lipstick with even darker lipliner. She completed the look by drawing  a tiny heart on her cheek underneath her left eye.

The Bad Boys For Life star has been sharing throwback photos and videos from her past Halloween costumes. In a series of Instagram Stories on October 8, Vanessa flashed back to some of her spookiest looks, including a sultry vampire dress and a black latex catsuit.

Vanessa even shared a cute video to her feed and admitted that she would go trick-or-treating every day if she could. The High School Musical alum, who wore a veil in the black and white clip, mouthed words in a child’s voice while talking about Halloween festivities. It was too cute!

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