Can You Still Conceive A Baby If Your Man Has Low Testosterone Like Scott Disick? — Doctor Weighs In

Scott Disick's tiredness was brought on by low testosterone levels that came up in his bloodwork. Now a specialist EXCLUSIVELY tells us how that diagnosis can affect a man's ability to conceive children.

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Scott Disick
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Scott Disick, 37, shed light on how many men all over the world can have low testosterone levels and not know it when he got that result after going to the doctor and having bloodwork done due to feeling tired all the time, on the Oct. 1 episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians. Although the episode made it clear that low testosterone can definitely cause a lack of energy, can it affect your man’s ability to conceive a child? That’s the question we asked Dr. Ellen Goldstein, a Reproductive Endocrinologist at the Reproductive Fertility Center in Beverly Hills, CA and she gave us some surprising insight on how the answer could go either way.

“When a man has low testosterone, it actually may or may not correlate with low sperm quality,” Dr. Goldstein EXCLUSIVELY told HollywoodLife. “Certainly, if he wants to for future fertility and he gets his sperm checked, his sperm may actually not be that adversely affected. Also, mild to moderate sperm quality issues are typically very easy to treat with fertility treatment either insemination or with IVF and also, we do have drugs that we can use if men are symptomatic from low testosterone but they are trying to get their partner pregnant.”

Scott Disick
Scott Disick was told he had low testosterone levels, which was causing him to feel tired, on the Oct. 1 episode of ‘Keeping Up with the Kardashians’. (AP)

If your man’s low testosterone diagnosis is causing symptoms, it can get pretty serious, and Dr. Goldstein further explained what can be expected if that happens and how it can be treated naturally. “There’s a number of fairly serious endocrine conditions that can cause low testosterone and if this is actually what a guy is dealing with then it does need to be addressed with an endocrinologist who’s addressing the underlying issue,” she pointed out. “There are many situations where men, just due to stress in their lives and aging and lifestyle habits might have low testosterone without any kind of serious underlying issue.”

“There is no testosterone supplement,” she continued before giving her opinion on Scott’s personal situation, which she’s not involved in. “I don’t think he’s taking a ‘natural testosterone’,” she said. “It sounds like what he’s just doing is working on lifestyle factors at least as a start to try to improve his own testosterone.”

Scott Disick
Scott Disick, seen here at a previous event, has three children with ex Kourtney Kardashian. (AP)

When it comes to the causes of low testosterone, Dr. Goldstein confirmed that there are one of two things that lead to the diagnosis. “Testosterone is produced by the testical under direction from the brain, so there are two ways you can have low testosterone,” she explained. “You can either have a primary problem with the production of the testosterone in the testicle or you can have inappropriate misdirection from the brain. If it’s the brain, because of the lifestyle factors, it doesn’t have the healthy communication with the testicle that it needs to to keep the levels up.”