Jim Carrey Slays Debut As ‘Joe Biden’ On ‘SNL’ & Loses His Cool On Alec Baldwin’s ‘Trump’ — Watch

Alec Baldwin's Trump found his match with Jim Carrey's Joe Biden as Maya Rudolph's Kamala came into mediate. The pair hilariously faced off on 'SNL's premiere in an epic debate spoof.

Jim Carrey, 58, just slayed with his impression of Joe Biden, 77. In a sketch spoofing the Sept. 29 debate, Alec Baldwin, 62, reprised his role as Donald Trump, 74. “Boring!…let’s get this show off the road and off the rails,” Alec’s Trump retorted as Jim’s Joe made his way onto the stage with a measuring tape to ensure social distancing. When asked if he was ready, ‘Joe’ gave an honest answer: “Absolutely not. But I’ve got the beginning of 46 fantastic ideas that I may or may not have access to. Let’s do that while I hold my bladder.”

“I would love to begin with a list of complaints…Joe Biden is mean to me. The China virus is mean to me,” Alec’s Trump went on, as Jim’s Biden tried to get a word in. “Whatever you’re going to say no…he’s lying. I can’t point out of if he’s lying?” Alec cut in, once again interrupting with. “Will you just shut up, man? No Joe, no! Don’t lose control! That’s what he’s hoping for. Where was I?” Jim hilariously responded, clearly losing his cool.

Of course, Alec’s Donald had something to say about face masks. “I’ve got my mask right here in my pocket. But you don’t need a mask all the time. It’s like a seatbelt — you just wear it when you back out of your drive way then you take it off.” Maya Rudolph, 48, also returned with her brilliant version of Kamala Harris, 55 — putting on her best ‘Mom-ala’ face (her step kids’ nickname for her). “This stops right now. You do not treat my Joe like that, alright?” she said to Alec’s Trump.

“He’s a nice boy! Uh-uh Joe. Let Momala go to work. Look, Donald — I won’t you to apologize to Joe. I don’t care who started it, I don’t even care who sharted it,” she added. Cecily Strong, 36, as Kimberly Guilfoyle, 51, also made a hilarious cameo. Eventually, Jim’s Biden figured out the ultimate solution: hitting pause on Trump!

Of course, the actual debate — moderated by FOX News anchor Chris Wallace, 72 — spurred plenty of social media conversation. Answering a question about the nomination Amy Coney Barrett, 48, to the Supreme Court, Biden urged Americans to get out and make sure they “speak” by voting. “Why won’t you answer that question?” Trump interrupted, as a frustrated Biden retorted, “Would you just shut up, man?”

Alec Baldwin reprises his ‘Donald Trump’ and Jim Carrey makes his debut as ‘Joe Biden’ on ‘SNL.’ (NBC)

Anticipation has been building for Jim to appear on the upcoming season of SNL, who has hosted the series on several occasions. Notably, however, Jim was not part of the SNL cast at any point in his career — not making the cut after a 1980 audition! Show runner Lorne Michaels recently talked about Jim’s upcoming appearances as Joe Biden, which came to fruition after the Ace Ventura alum expressed interest. “There was some interest on [Jim]’s part. And then we responded, obviously, positively,” the longtime SNL executive producer told Vulture.

Sources close to the NBC production have also spilled that the upcoming season is set to be “politically charged” and this year perhaps more than ever. “Colin Jost and the rest of the writers and cast are very eager to dive into this presidential season with all hands-on deck,” an insider revealed. “[SNL staffers] can’t wait to work with Jim Carrey, Alec Baldwin and everyone else. There [are] going to be lots of skits and openers surrounding the election and whatever happens post-election. It will be a very big part of the show this season,” they also spilled.

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