Sarah Hyland & Wells Adams Try Tantric Yoga In Sexy Video For New ‘Lady Parts’ Series — Watch

Sarah Hyland & Wells Adams hilariously tried the 'partner flying' move at home in this new Ellen Digital Network series! Watch an EXCLUSIVE clip here.

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Sarah Hyland & Wells Adams
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Image Credit: Courtesy of Ellentube

Sarah Hyland, 29, and fiancé Wells Adams, 36, got adventurous with their latest quarantine activity! The couple decided to give tantric yoga a shot in a hilarious new video on the Ellen Digital Network series Lady Parts, and HollywoodLife has the EXCLUSIVE clip. “This is my fiancé Wells Adams. He’s not a lady but he does care a lot about my parts…Today, we are trying tantric yoga to make things a little bit more interesting,” Sarah began. The series features celebrity OB/GYN Dr. Sherry Ross offering advice to guests on all topics related to female sexual health.

“It’s true. Very much so…There’s no chance of injury. Are you really having fun today?” Wells added, as Sarah hilariously responded, “I mean, five nose bleeds, two sprained ankles and a broken toe later, we can confidently say — no, you are not. So, let’s do this.” From there, the duo virtually connected with yoga instructors Shayna Hiller and Diego Wallraff, who proceeded to expertly demonstrate the “partner flying” move. “We’re really excited to do this,” Sarah declared, before exclaiming “holy s—,” as Diego lifted Shayna with his feet!

“How flexible does one need to be, because I cannot touch my toes,” a concerned Wells inquired, as he and Sarah got down to business! “I used to do this all the time with my dad. Is that weird? Not the kissing part but the airplane,” the Modern Family alum noted just moments before falling out of the position and onto her cozy white couch. Wells and Sarah couldn’t help but burst out laughing as they repeatedly tried the insane move, finally getting it right on try #9! At one point, their dog — affectionally known as “Carl The Bloodhound” on Instagram — wandered into the shot for a closer look.

“By the end of today, you’ll be touching beyond your toes,” Shayna said to the former Bachelorette at one point, going on to explain the benefits of tantric yoga. “Tantric yoga is an opportunity to connect deeper with yourself and your partner. When we are whole and loving with ourselves, we are more capable and able to serve up the best versions of ourselves,” she said. Catch the full episode of Lady Parts on Wednesday, Oct. 7 exclusively on ellentube.

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