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Hailey Baldwin’s Crucial Message About Voting Goes Viral: ‘Please Know How Important This Is’

Hailey Baldwin is begging her fans to vote. The model posted a message on Instagram, telling her followers that they need to cast a ballot for president and make a difference on November 3.

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Hailey Baldwin
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Hailey Baldwin Bieber wants to see you at the polls! The model, 23, just celebrated her second anniversary with husband Justin Bieber, but she has something else major on her mind: the November 3 presidential election. Hailey wants her fans to know that even if they think it’s not going to make a difference, their vote counts. And right now, when the country is choosing between Joe Biden and four more years of Donald Trump, their participation is needed more than ever.

Hailey Baldwin

Hailey took to her Instagram Stories on October 1 to issue a plea that instantly made the rounds on the platform. “We have the opportunity to change the course of our future with the election on Nov 3rd,” she wrote. “Please know how important this is! You may not think your vote counts or matters but the reason we are in this current situation is because people thought their vote wasn’t going to make a difference… THIS IS THE TIME TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE AND CHANGE. PLEASE VOTE.”

She also shared a special message from former First Lady Michelle Obama posted after the disastrous first presidential debate on September 29, urging voters to back Biden. “If you were turned off by the President’s behavior last night, I feel you,” FLOTUS wrote in the Hailey-approved post. “Believe me, I do. But we can’t let him win by tuning out altogether. That’s what he wants. So turn those feelings into action—turn them into votes for my friend, @JoeBiden. It’s the only way we can get out of this chaos and restore some stability to this country.”

Hailey Baldwin
Hailey Baldwin rocks a cropped “VOTE” hoodie for Levi’s 2020 Vote campaign (MEGA)

Hailey, like many celebrities, has used her considerable platform to encourage her fans to get actively involved in the political process this year. She’s one of the stars of Levi’s 2020 Vote campaign, modeling clothing with a positive message for the brand — like the “VOTE” hoodie she’s rocking in the photo above. “This election is the most important in my lifetime,” Hailey stated. “Cast your promise [and] cast your vote.”

The presidential election is just one month away. Have you registered to vote yet? Heed Hailey’s warning and make sure your voice is head on November 3. And good news — you can register to vote by simply filling out the form below: