Blake Shelton Hilariously Talks About Gwen Stefani Dyeing His Hair & Realizing He Was ‘Completely’ Gray

Gwen Stefani can add hairdresser to her resumé! Blake Shelton opened up about his girlfriend dying his gray-hued locks, joking he looked like 'a game show host' to Ellen DeGeneres!

Blake Shelton & Ellen DeGeneres
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Image Credit: Michael Rozman/Warner Bros.

Blake Shelton, 44, hilariously talked about the moment he suddenly realized his hair was gray. “I was on [Jimmy Fallon‘s] show [in April] and I saw a picture back and I turned my head to the back — [I thought] it was salt and pepper. And it was just…salt,” the country star said to talk show host Ellen DeGeneres. “I was like ‘oh my god, when did this happen to me?’ I never pay attention to my hair but then we got all this attention and it was a mile a minute. It was completely white! How have I not noticed this?” he went on.

“I’m on a show and I look like a game show host all of a sudden…I was just like we gotta do something,” he explained, confessing he enlisted the help of girlfriend Gwen Stefani, 50, to help get his hair goals back on track. “We ordered some Just For Men [dye] and I tried that for a while. I just wasn’t doing that right. It just had too much color…she just said, ‘let’s just do it right.’ At that point I didn’t care because no one was going to see me as we were in quarantine.”

It turns out Gwen got her man’s look just right — for a while. “I really liked it. I would have liked it more had I not gained 117 pounds in quarantine so I thought it would make me look younger,” he joked, unfortunately admitting he’s not loving his current hair look several months later. “My hair is so bad, Ellen,” he said as he removed his baseball cap to reveal his hat hair.

Blake also opened up about his recent music video with Gwen for their song “Happy Anywhere,” which features adorable throwback videos of the couple! “We decided we were going to release another single and of course you need a video out. So Gwen has these 5 years worth of home videos on her phone,” he said, noting that Gwen’s younger brother Todd Stefani helped put it together. “Gwen’s brother was with us in quarantine, too, in Oklahoma…got out there and shot a few set ups of us singing the song. He edited the whole thing and put the video together. It’s my favorite video I’ve ever had because it’s just so honest and real,” he gushed.

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