Dog The Bounty Hunter Reveals How He Knew He Wanted To Marry Fiancee Francie Frane — Watch

Dog The Bounty Hunter gushed about his desire to marry Francie Frane only one year after the death of his late wife Beth Chapman.

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Dog The Bounty Hunter
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Dog The Bounty Hunter (real name Duane Chapman) is clearly in love with his fiancee Francie Frane. The A&E star revealed a lot about their relationship in a new interview with Dr. Oz including a heartwarming story on the moment where he knew he wanted her to be his wife. “Well, I fell in love,” he began. “She’s a Christian and Christians you got to marry them or you don’t get no smooches. I just felt that I have known what love is and I went to the Bible, Dr. Oz. In Genesis it says, ‘God does not expect or want a man to be alone.'”

“So I said, ‘God, I don’t have to go to or any of those things, you gave Adam the girl. I need a girl,'” he continued. “You know the kind I need and you know exactly what I need. The next day, and I didn’t know when I met her that God had answered the prayer and had somebody already ready for me. Then as I started falling in love, I remembered the prayer and God said, “How’s that?” I said, “I shall call her woman.”

Duane & Francie got engaged in May of this year only 10 months after his late wife Beth tragically died of lung cancer. She appears to have won over his family, in particular his daughter Lyssa. “When I told her (about the relationship) she goes, ‘Yeah. Well, just don’t get too excited till we all meet her'”, he said. “Then we brought Lyssa for a couple weeks from Hawaii to Colorado and stayed at the house and baby Lyssa got up at one in the morning and started texting me, paging me, ‘I want to see you in the front room.’ I thought, uh oh, and she’s like, ‘Dad, my God. Don’t you lose this woman.'”

Francie later joined in on the interview with Dr. Oz where she appeared to be just as in love with him as he is with her. Turns out she had no idea who the reality television superstar was when they first locked eyes with one another! “Well, everybody makes fun of me because I didn’t know who he was when I first met him and I said he needed a haircut which I don’t think he does, I love his hair,” she admitted.

Dog The Bounty Hunter
Dog The Bounty Hunter at an event. Credit: AP Images

“He is the most kind, gentle, sweet man,” she continued before bringing up how they have both lost their former spouses. “When both of us really thought that we weren’t going to stand up from our grief, we helped each other up. He walks alongside me and he has become somebody that I can’t live without. I love you so much.”