‘Love After Lockup’ Preview: Destinie Tell Shawn She’s ‘Done’ After She Catches Him Talking To His Ex

Shawn wants to take the next with Destinie, but things come to a screeching halt when Destinie finds him speaking to his ex in this EXCLUSIVE preview of the new 'Love After Lockup.'

Shawn has big plans for Destinie. He’s ready to propose! “I’m not sure how I’m planning to propose to Destinie yet,” Shawn says in our EXCLUSIVE preview of the Sept. 4 episode of Love After Lockup. “I just want it to be kind of a special setting and just kind of when I know the moment’s right then that’s when I’m going to do it.”

As Shawn is working on getting a unicorn float blown up for Destinie, his ex, Kelly calls. She asks him how things are going. He tells her that things are “good” with Destinie. “I’m actually really surprised,” Kelly says. Shawn asks why. Kelly tells him that she’s never believed in this relationship. “I thought it was stupid,” she says.

Love After Lockup
Shawn is ready to pop the question to Destinie. (WE tv)

Destinie walks outside and demands to know who Shawn is talking to. When he says it’s Kelly, Destinie is furious and wants to know why she’s calling. Shawn tells Destinie that he has to have a relationship with Kelly because they share kids.

Destinie doesn’t care. “Give me a planet ticket home now,” Destinie demands. Shawn instantly gets off the phone, but it might be too late. “I’m mean that like I’m leaving. I’m done,” Destinie admits.

Love After Lockup
Destinie is so mad over Shawn continuing to talk to his ex. (WE tv)

This Kelly situation is nothing new for Destinie and Shawn. “We’ve already talked about him talking to Kelly like that,” Destinie says in her confessional. “It’s unacceptable, and for him to be continuously doing it after he said he wasn’t, like I’m f**king done. Him lying about his age, him lying about his kids, and him now lying about talking to Kelly all the time. His word don’t mean sh*t to me. I feel like breaking his f**king face.” Oh, the drama!

The synopsis for the Sept. 4 episode reads: “Destinie gets more than she bargained for at the furniture store. Heather prepares a sexy surprise for her fiancé Dylan’s release. Shavel’s extravagant gift for Quaylon enrages her family. Kristianna battles her demons during an emotional reunion.” Love After Lockup airs Fridays at 9 p.m. on WE tv.

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