‘Say Yes To The Dress’ Preview: A Bride’s Parents Fight Over What Wedding Gown She Should Wear — Watch

Stephanie's parents are at odds over which dress their daughter should wear on her big day in this EXCLUSIVE preview of the Aug. 22 episode of 'Say Yes To The Dress.'

Stephanie is an only child, and her parents want what’s best for her on her wedding day. But her divorced parents have very differing opinions about the style of Stephanie’s wedding dress in this EXCLUSIVE preview of Say Yes To The Dress. “My dad wants me in a lace dress that I’m not really feeling. I’ll try it on, but I’m nervous,” Stephanie says.

She walks out in the $2,500 lace dress, and her dad immediately loves it. However, no one else does. “There’s nothing that says Stephanie on that dress,” Stephanie’s mom, Michelle, says. Stephanie is thankful that her mom is speaking up.

Say Yes To the Dress
Stephanie is looking for her wedding dress with her parents and best friend. (TLC)

Stephanie’s dad likes how she’s covered up. “I’m not marrying God, I’m marrying Joey!” Stephanie tells her dad. This dress is a no-go, and Stephanie admits that her mom is “so happy I don’t like my dad’s dress.”

But this doesn’t mean Stephanie’s on board with her mom’s vision. Stephanie tries on a massive $5,600 ball gown that she knows her mom will like. “It doesn’t feel mature enough for me,” she says. She doesn’t even let her mom see her in the dress. The next dress she likes, but she tells Lisa, her consultant, that her mom “will think it’s inappropriate for church.” Stephanie wants an in-your-face glam gown that’s also classy enough for a church wedding, so this is going to be tough.

Say Yes To The Dress
Stephanie tries on a dress her dad loves, but she’s not a fan. (TLC)

Lisa is a bit worried because Stephanie has tried on 50 dresses and hasn’t found one that she is crazy about yet. “I never like to give up, so I’m not giving up. But I’m feeling a little concerned that I feel like we haven’t made any progress whatsoever,” Lisa says in our EXCLUSIVE video. New episodes of Say Yes To The Dress air Saturday at 8 p.m. on TLC.

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