Jennifer Aniston, 51, Admits She Plans On Being ‘Vibrant & Thriving’ While Living Into Her 100s

'The Morning Show' star Jennifer Aniston has opened up about the 'cathartic' experience of filming the series, and how she plans to live into her 100s.

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Jennifer Aniston, 51, has been in the public eye for three decades, and she isn’t planning on slowing down anytime soon! The Friends star opened up about how she takes care of herself, so she can live into her 100s. “I look at my dad, who just turned 87, and he is Greek — stubborn, fabulous, all those things from that generation — but, you know, I think they could be a little healthier. He’s going to be so mad at me,” she told the LA Times in an August 19 interview. “You know, my mom, c’mon, none of you guys took care of yourselves. But they didn’t know any better. And now we know. So what’s our excuse?”

Jennifer Aniston talked all things health in a new interview. Image: Press Association via AP Images

The A-lister reiterated that health was much more important to her than to her parents, and perhaps people of their generation “It’s about just knowing what you put inside your body, exercising — my father, never, ever — they didn’t know you could keep your bones strong, never mind being fit and fitting into a size-whatever,” she told the outlet. “I’m going to be in my 80s or 90s or maybe now even my 100s at this rate, and I don’t want to be wheeling around. I would like to be vibrant and thriving.”

The actor opened up about filming ‘The Morning Show’. Image: Jen Lowery / MEGA

Jen also opened up about the “cathartic” experience of filming The Morning Showa role which landed her an Emmy nomination. “That show was 20 years of therapy wrapped into 10 episodes/ There were times when I would read a scene and feel like a whole manhole cover was taken off my back,” she said of the Apple TV series. Her character, morning show host Alex Levy, has her personal life picked up and scrutinized by the public, which the 51-year-old can certainly relate to.

“[It was] interesting for me to look at how I always have tried to normalize being fine and ‘everything’s great, you know, this is all normal,’ and then there are moments when you have your private breakdown,” she said. “To actually look at it from an actor brain observing it and acknowledging it, I had to look at it as opposed to pretending it doesn’t exist.” She continued, “There have been moments — not to that level of hysteria — but moments of ‘I don’t want to f**king go here,’ ‘I don’t want to walk out onto the carpet,’ ‘I don’t want to be seen,’ ‘I don’t want to be looked at and everyone’s going to be talking about me and judging me’… that’s real. I just loved being able to walk into it and lean into it and not be ashamed of it.”

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