Meghan McCain Claps Back At Trump For Dissing Anchor Nicolle Wallace: ‘You Have Nothing Better To Do?’

After Donald Trump tweeted that Nicolle Wallace was 'boring' on 'The View,' Meghan McCain fired back by responding directly to his tweet to call him out.

Nicolle Wallace discussed being fired from The View in 2015 in a new interview this week, and Donald Trump had something to say about it. “She was fired because she was boring and never had what it took,” he tweeted. “Perhaps that was proven to be a mistake!” His tweet prompted a response from Meghan McCain, who joined The View in 2017 and has been on the panel ever since.

“You don’t have ANYTHING better to do than gossip about The View?!” Meghan wrote back to Trump. She even retweeted his message along with her tweet so it was clear that she was targeting him directly with her post. The back and forth came after Nicolle’s interview with The Los Angeles Times, which was published on Aug. 17. In the interview, she revealed that Whoopi Goldberg predicted that Trump would become president back in 2015.

Nicolle also opened up about being fired from The View after just one season on the show in 2014/2015. “Being fired from a TV show where you think you’re kind of baring your soul feels personal because it is,” she admitted. “I think what I didn’t understand is…it really was a casting, and it was a casting they didn’t like.”

nicole wallace
Nicole Wallace is all smiles at a red carpet event (Andy Kropa/Invision/AP).

Like Meghan, Nicolle was the Republican voice on The View during her tenure. However, despite supporting Donald Trump’s party, both Meghan and Nicolle have been staunch critics of Trump and his administration. Nicolle currently hosts Deadline: White House on MSNBC.

Meanwhile, this latest Twitter tirade is not the first time that Trump has insulted Nicolle. Back in May, he went off on her, along with her network, MSNBC, and its parent company, Comcast, after she defended Joe Biden on-air. “She was thrown off The View like a dog,” Trump tweeted at the time. “Zero T.V. Personas. Now Wallace is a 3rd rate lap dog for Fake News MSDNC (Concast). Doesn’t have what it takes!”

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