‘To Catch A Beautician’ Preview: Tamar & Johnny Help A Client Get Closure After A Botched Hair Makeover

Tamar Braxton and Johnny Wright bring their client's BFF in to face her after a hair makeover left her going bald in this EXCLUSIVE preview of 'To Catch A Beautician.'

Tamar Braxton and Johnny Wright’s newest client, Andrea, wants some justice after her hair makeover disaster. She was left wigless and balding after her own best friend gave her a botched hair makeover. Tamar is sitting with Andrea when Johnny brings in Andrea’s best friend, Lucy, in this EXCLUSIVE preview of the Aug. 17 episode of To Catch a Beautician.

Johnny wants to get some background on Lucy’s history with hair. “I had a really, really bad hair experience,” she tells Johnny. “It was horrible. I was 13 years old. Like, I was literally bald everywhere.” She reveals that she specializes in weaves, lace fronts, and more. Lucy also says that she does do measurements and even has clients send in their measurements.

Tamar Braxton
Tamar Braxton with her client, Andrea, in the Aug. 17 episode. (VH1)

Tamar says to Andrea, “You didn’t send your measurements.” Andrea quips, “She didn’t ask for them.” Johnny then brings up pictures of Lucy’s work. Suddenly, Andrea’s picture is up next. “I’m nervous about the next picture,” Andrea tells Tamar.

“Don’t be nervous. Say what you’ve been holding in,” Tamar advises Andrea. Johnny gets to Andrea’s picture and asks Lucy what happened. Lucy sees Andrea’s balding head in the photos. “She knows… She knows,” Tamar says to Andrea.

Johnny Wright Tamar Braxton
Johnny Wright and Tamar Braxton in ‘To Catch A Beautician.’ (VH1)

In the series, Tamar and Johnny come to the rescue of clients whose hair has been botched by a beautician from their past. In a strategic sting operation, Tamar and Johnny will help disgruntled customers confront the stylists who damaged their tresses. Wright will then put the beautician through a rigorous hair bootcamp. Armed with new skills and techniques, the beauticians will now have a chance to redeem themselves by redoing their client’s hair. To Catch A Beautician airs Mondays on VH1.

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