‘RHOBH’ Recap: Lisa Rinna Breaks Down In Tears After Tense One-On-One With Denise Richards

Tears were flowing during the Aug. 12 episode of 'RHOBH'. Not only was there an intense face-off, but two dramatic exits also left everyone shellshocked.

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The morning after Denise Richards told everyone that Brandi Glanville basically claims she has sex with everyone she’s ever come in contact with — including Kyle Richards or Lisa Rinna — Lisa met up with her longtime friend and tried hashing things out. “Here’s the thing that was not OK for me last night: What you said about Brandi towards us…” Lisa said during the Aug. 12 episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. But before she could get any further, Denise cut her off and said it was “true”.

“That’s not cool,” Lisa told Denise. “When you said it was somebody at the table, that’s not fair. You don’t need to tit-for-tat it. You’ve tit-for-tat a little bit with me. Don’t do it anymore. Don’t do it. I’m gonna ask–” But again, Denise cut Lisa off and said, “Lisa, stop attacking me! I had your back. I defended you with Kyle at my house when she kept telling you to f*** off and f*** you. If everyone, for the last 20 dinners, kept coming at you, I would as your friend say, ‘Stop! Guys, let’s…’ That’s where I feel like you have not been a friend to me.”

Lisa Rinna cries while talking to Denise Richards. (BRAVO)

Basically, Lisa had been giving Denise a hard time about Brandi’s hookup claim, even though Denise denied ever having sex with her. Denise felt like Lisa believed Brandi over her, and it didn’t sit right with her. Fortunately, Lisa finally realized that she wasn’t being very nice to Denise.

“I was really just trying to clear the air last night, and I did it in a f***ing terrible way,” Lisa admitted, while also taking blame for not warning Denise about the rumor, and pushing Teddi Mellencamp to reveal the information.

“That’s where I’m like, what the f***?” Denise asked Lisa. “How would you f***ing feel? Is that a friend? And I’ve never experienced this with you, and I’ve known you a long time.”

“You know, if you’re mad at me, I respect that,” Lisa told Denise, but Denise said, “I am not mad. I am hurt. That’s it. I’m not mad at you. I am very hurt.” Lisa then started to cry and told Denise, “I don’t want to hurt you, Denise. I don’t want to hurt you. I don’t hurt you. I don’t.”

“Then please stop,” Denise commanded, and Lisa agreed that she would. Then, they went to church together so Lisa could repent her sins. (Yes, really.)

And while everything seemed to be going in a better direction, Denise threw a curveball during the group’s final night in Rome when she slammed her co-stars as “mean girls”.

“This has been, probably, the worst trip I’ve ever been on in my entire life,” the Wild Things star told them. “That is the truth.” Denise then said that she “doesn’t deserve” the treatment she’s received from the other ladies. Kyle seem dumbfounded and asked Denise to clarify who’s attacked her. “I did not attack you,” Kyle said.

“You drag in Brandi, that’s not f***ing cool,” she said. “And you know what, it has gotten to the point—this is the god’s honest truth—where it is mean girls.” The ladies didn’t like the label, and Erika Jayne went off in her confessional, saying, “If being a mean girl is standing up and saying how you feel and not backing down from that, well then, I’m a motherf**king mean girl. ‘Till the day I f***ing die.”

Lisa Rinna also didn’t like being called a “mean girl” since many of the ladies were also labelled that during their fallout with Lisa Vanderpump, so hearing it again was a trigger for her. “It’s a cop-out, it’s easy to say that and she knows that that’s not cool,” Lisa said during her confessional.

Dorit Kemsley attempted to make peace by telling Denise that no one was trying to “deliberately” hurt her, but Denise retorted, “That I disagree with.”

Garcelle Beauvais and Denise both made dramatic exits from the table before the ladies could say anymore to them, but when a producer urged Denise to return to the table so she could hear the ladies out, she obliged. And Garcelle returned too.

The ladies thanked them for returning, and instead of rehashing the Brandi drama all over again, everyone decided to make the most of their final night together, so that’s what they did. Over many glasses of wine, each lady shared hilarious stories from their past and everyone appeared to finish their trip to Rome on a high note.

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