Lauren Riihimaki Grills BF Jeremy Lewis In First Listen Of Their Podcast & They Reveal What Makes Their Relationship Work

We're already LOLing at the first sneak peek of Lauren Riihimaki & Jeremy Lewis' new podcast! Listen to the EXCLUSIVE clip!

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Image Credit: Courtesy of Studio71

Lauren Riihimaki, who you might know as LaurDIY on YouTube, and her boyfriend Jeremy Lewis are taking their quarantine life to the airwaves with their new podcast, Wild ‘Til 9! Launching Tuesday, August 11, the couple will be talking about everything relationships — including their own — which will be sure to bring the laughs and maybe even tears!?

In an EXCLUSIVE clip of the first episode, Lauren questions Jeremy on his first thoughts about her in their early days of dating. “You thought I was going to be a loser! You thought I was going to be a big craft nerd loser!” Lauren grills Jeremy right off the bat. “I remember the way that you worded the fact that you were surprised that I was like, normal, and cool, and like… normal. It was kind of offensive?!” Luckily, it’s all in good fun between the two, who have been dating for over a year.

“I’ve been creating content for almost 9 years and as my content has matured over the years, I’ve explored new formats and platforms to reach my audience. The podcast allows us to have a deeper conversation, with an added video component, that isn’t easily replicated elsewhere,” Lauren told HollywoodLife in an EXCLUSIVE interview. Jeremy added, “There’s a sense of intimacy when listening to someone’s voice and perspective that just feels more authentic than what we’ve come to expect with other types of content. We’re really looking forward to creating that connection through the podcast.”

The Craftopia star has kept her relationship and work life separate for the entirety of her romance with Jeremy, and admitted the Wild ‘Til 9 podcast, produced in partnership with Studio 71, will give her millions of fans a chance to get to know him. “Jeremy has remained a bit of a mystery to my viewers. The podcast will not only allow listeners to see a different, more candid side of me, but also hear from Jeremy and the antics behind our relationship dynamic,” she said. Jeremy, the Director of Sales at Tagboard, added that he hopes fans will connect with the couple on a new level and through their conversations, “find out how much we share in common with the listeners.”

What do you get when a DIY influencer dates an ex-frat-president tech mogul? Honestly we’re not really sure either, but we’re all about to find out together. Hosted by Lauren Riihimaki (LaurDIY) and boyfriend, Jeremy Lewis, Wild ’Til 9 is about relationships, spotting the red flags and giving the green lights, and the lifestyle in which this polar opposite couple found themselves.

“I know a topic that a lot of listeners are looking forward to is mental health and how a significant other can support during trying times,” Lauren explained, revealing the podcast will cover a variety of topics when it comes to relationships and the ups and downs she and Jeremy go through.

When it comes to working together, Lauren and Jeremy said things have gone smooth, except for one little issue involving a quarantine haircut. “I had to give Jeremy a quarantine haircut last weekend directly before we recorded and we almost killed each other. Aside from that one little incident, we’re totally aware that it can be dangerous territory combining work and a relationship,” she said. “We’re both strong communicators and before taking on this project we walked through different scenarios and how it could add stress to our relationship to prevent any pain points before reaching them.”

Jeremy added, “Lauren is very easy and fun to work with. Unless she’s hungry.” LOL.

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