Donald Trump Gets Roasted On Twitter For Calling Thailand ‘Thighland’ At Ohio Event –Watch

Two days after proving he doesn't know how to say 'Yosemite' National Park, Donald Trump called the country of Thailand 'Thighland' during a speech before Ohio supporters.

Donald Trump
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Either Donald Trump read phonetically off a teleprompter or he had upper legs on the brain with a word gaff while on the campaign trail in Clyde, OH on Aug. 6. He just finished touring a Whirlpool plant and was talking about overseas trade when he called Thailand “Thighland.” He spoke about “shifting production to Thighland and Vietnam,” before realizing he completely mangled the Southeast Asian nation’s name and went back and repeated it the way it is supposed to be said. But it was enough for him to get dragged on Twitter, especially in light of his “Yo-semite” debacle on Aug. 4, where he couldn’t correctly pronounce the name of America’s most famous national park.

User @mmpadellan tweeted a clip of Trump’s blunder and wrote, “I’ll give you one guess as to which world ‘leader’ pronounces Thailand as ‘Thighland.’ JUST ONE GUESS.” @TheRickyDavila used Trump’s verbal gaffes to tweet, “I see some people are asking me what ‘Thighland’ means. Apparently it’s a new country where Yo-semites thrive whilst eating their hamberders and drinking their piping hot Covfefe.”

Donald Trump
Donald Trump speaks before supporters after touring a Whirlpool plant in Northeastern Ohio on Aug. 6, 2020. During the speech, he mispronounced the country of ‘Thailand’ as ‘Thighland.’ Photo credit: AP.

@HKrassenstein noted, “Two days after pronouncing ‘Yosemite’ as ‘Yo-Semite,’ Trump pronounces ‘Thailand’ as ‘Thighland.’ Can we officially say he has cognitive decline yet?” while @duty2warn added, “Trump mispronounces Thailand as ‘Thighland’ like a third grader sounding out a word he doesn’t know as he did with Yosemite. This is not normal. It strongly suggests he is in a state of predementia.” Huffington Post blogger @bryanbehar tweeted, “If calling Thailand ‘Thighland’ doesn’t disqualify you from the presidency, then I’m leaving America & moving to Thighland.”

Trump was roasted via Twitter on Aug. 4 when he couldn’t pronounce Yosemite National Park correctly. He never got it right, twice calling it “Yo-semite.” After his first fail where he appeared to read it phonetically, he didn’t seem to know the actual pronunciation upon seeing the word again. The world famous home of rock formations Half Dome and El Capitan and giant sequoia trees was established in 1890. So it has been around long enough for Trump to know how to correctly say the park’s name, which is “Yoh-seh-mih-tee.”

Earlier in the Ohio rally, Trump drew fire for using the 1991 Guns ‘N Roses cover of the 1973 Paul McCartney song “Live and Let Die” as hype music before his speech began. Considering the nation is losing over 1,000 American lives to the COVID-19 pandemic daily, it was called out on Twitter as an extremely insensitive selection. Nationally, the number of positive coronavirus cases is nearing five million and 157,000 Americans are dead, as Trump’s administration continues to have no clear plan for how to combat the pandemic.

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