‘RHOBH’ Recap: Lisa Rinna Claps Back After Denise Richards Shares New Brandi Glanville Sex Claim

Just when we thought the drama on 'RHOBH' couldn't get any more insane, Denise Richards threw us a curveball during the Aug. 5 episode of the series.

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After the ladies of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills got Brandi Glanville‘s affair claim out in the open during a group dinner in Rome, Lisa Rinna met up with Denise Richards the next day and tried getting some answers about their alleged relationship. However, the story Denise gave Lisa didn’t really match up with what she had told the entire group just a few hours earlier.

“I’ve seen [Brandi] a couple times in my life. She wanted to do a podcast and I told her I was out of town, so she asked could she come up and interview all of the cast,” Denise, 49, told Lisa during a one-on-one chat over coffee in her hotel room. But when Lisa asked Denise how long Brandi stayed in Northern California, Denise’s story started getting confusing. “I don’t know, actually, maybe a day. I think she stayed overnight,” she said.

How do you not know whether or not someone stayed overnight in your bedroom? We digress. Lisa then asked Denise whether or not she’s called Brandi “saying, ‘What the **k are you doing?'”, but Denise said she’s “going to handle that through another way”, implying that she was going to take legal action.

“It’s not cool. … First of all, I do not have an open marriage and I have not cheated on my husband,” Denise said. And when Lisa wondered why Brandi would make up such a rumor, Denise was quick to say for “shock value.”

Lisa didn’t seem to buy it. Especially because after Denise said that, she then admitted to talked to Brandi about the other women just before Kyle Richards‘ charity event — which went completely against what she said the night before. When Teddi Mellencamp initially confronted Denise about the Wild Things actress bashing her to Brandi, Denise denied ever speaking to Brandi before or after Kyle’s party. Yet, here she was now telling Lisa that she did talk to Brandi around the time of the party.

“Anything that I’ve felt about Teddi, I’ve said to her face. I’m going to be super honest. Brandi said, ‘I want to let you know things that the group has been saying behind my back,'” Denise told Lisa. But the conversation didn’t go much further than that. Lisa seemed confused by what Denise was telling her, so they decided to focus on the day’s activities instead and put the drama behind them — at least for the time being.

Denise Richards & Lisa Rinna (Bravo)

While Lisa, Denise, Garcelle Beauvais and Erika Jayne drove Ferraris and went wine tasting, Kyle, Dorit Kemsley and Sutton Stracke went shopping at Dolce & Gabbana. Teddi probably napped because she was pregnant, but to be honest, we had no idea she was missing from the group activities until we started writing this paragraph.

Later that evening, everyone reunited for another group dinner, and it ended up being just as interesting as the one before it. It started with Erika telling the group that earlier in the day, Denise apologized “on Aaron’s behalf” for his behavior at Sutton’s event when he argued with the ladies. That then led to Kyle mentioning how much “anxiety” she had about the affair reveal.

She also insinuated that Denise may be “nervous”, but Denise said she wasn’t. Instead, Denise said she’s felt “unwelcomed” by the group, especially when she’s the “one in the hot seat”. Sutton then told the group that she told Denise she also heard the same rumor about her and Brandi (from a close friend who “wouldn’t lie”), but Denise said she was “laughing about it” when Sutton shared that information.

Denise then told the ladies that she met Brandi through a “mutual branding agent that represents her”. Denise claimed that Brandi really wanted to meet her, and she was “fine” with that, so they went out for drinks. Afterwards, Denise said that Brandi begged her to do her podcast “for about a month”, so she finally met up with Brandi in Northern California, where they did the interview. “And that was that,” Denise said.

She then told the ladies that the next time she spoke to Brandi “before” Kyle’s party, Brandi suspiciously “knew every single thing” that was “going on in the group”. (Denise previously said she never spoke to Brandi before or after Kyle’s party…) “She knew s*** that happened in Santa Barbara. She knew things, like, the little tiffs,” Denise continued, insinuating that someone else in the group was feeding Brandi information. “She knew stuff that I did not know. She shared a lot of personal stuff about a lot of people that are involved with this group, [but] I will not repeat it.”

However, after the ladies pushed her to say what she was hinting at, Denise finally confessed, “Brandi has said that she’s had sex with every single woman that she’s come in contact with, including some of the people from this group.” Dorit laughed, but Denise said, “I’m not joking.”

Kyle’s eyes then darted over to Lisa Rinna since they’re basically the only two people who’ve met Brandi before this season kicked off. “That would only be between you and me,” Kyle said to Lisa, before Lisa told the group, “I’ve never had sex with a woman.”

Kyle also said she “doesn’t believe” Brandi ever said such a thing. Lisa added, “I think it’s a little bit interesting that you’re saying that right now … I’ve never heard that.” Denise insisted she’s “not lying,” but Kyle said she’s “struggling” with believing it.

“She said the same thing about me,” Denise yelled back, and that’s when Kyle realized why Denise was probably making this new claim.

“If you’re trying to deflect, it’s not working,” Lisa said during her private confessional before clapping back at Denise. “I don’t think Brandi Glanville has ever said she’s had sex with me. I can be honest about that. I don’t think she’s ever said that, so don’t say that. Don’t even put that out there,” she yelled. The rest is “to be continued”.

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