Brian Austin Green Met Tina Louise & Courtney Stodden On IG: ‘I Didn’t Realize It Was A Dating Site’ 

Brian Austin Green says he was a 'total married dad' on Instagram before his split with Megan Fox. In a new interview, he reveals that his Instagram DMs 'instantly started flowing' once he became 'single!'

Brian Austin Green knows a thing or two about sliding into the DMs. The newly single actor, who turned 47 last month, opened up about how he’s been meeting women following his separation from Megan Fox. Soon after news of their split in May, Brian was spotted out with Australian model Tina Louise and reality star Courtney Stodden. In a new podcast new interview, the actor alluded that both women contacted him through Instagram.

“I met both of them on Instagram,” Brian said of the two blondes while on the Hollywood Raw podcast with Dax Holt and Adam Glyn. “I had no idea that Instagram was so much of a dating site until I was single,” Brian admitted, explaining, “Because up until then I posted pictures of benches, trees, the ocean, and my kids doing stuff here and there. I was a total married dad on it.”

Tina Louise
Tina Louise in a white dress on the red carpet. (Photo credit: AP)

The actor went on to confess that his social media attention took a different turn after news of his split. “All of a sudden I started getting DMs when Megan and I separated. [The DMs] started flowing in instantly, no shame in their game at all,” Brian admitted, recalling, “I would get these DMs, and when you’re going through something like that and you’re hurting, you feel better when it seems like somebody is taking your side.” Though, the actor confessed that he’d “make the mistake of responding and saying, ‘Thank you.’ — Not realizing I was opening some sorta door because that was never my experience of Instagram before then.”

Courtney Stodden
Courtney Stodden in red on the red carpet. (Photo credit: AP)

Brian confirmed his split from Megan, 34, in May after 10 years of marriage. The exes share three kids together: Noah Shannon, 7, Bodhi Ransom, 6, and Journey River, 3. Following the breakup news, Brian was spotted out with Courtney, 25, in LA. The pair grabbed lunch together at Mejico Grill in Agoura Hills, CA on June 15, as seen in photos from the outing. Not long after, Brian was then seen on a lunch date with Tina, 38, on June 30. The actor and the model were photographed holding hands together near Melrose in LA.

Brian and Tina were reported to have split at the end of July after one month together. Though, they were pictured meeting for lunch in LA on Wednesday, July 30 — sparking rumors that they were back on. As for Courtney? Well, it doesn’t seem like Brian is interested in pursuing the reality star any further.

“I remember when I hung out with Courtney getting a call from somebody afterward saying ‘I saw pictures of you and Courtney Stodden’ and I was like ‘how do you know her name?'” Brian recalled during the podcast, noting, “I had no idea who she was or any of the past anything.” He explained, “I had done no research at all. It wasn’t until I was told who this person is, this is what you might experience. Then you have that moment of ‘Oh sh-t, what have I done?'” Brian remembered, thinking, “I wish I would have known beforehand.”

Despite the latter, the actor believes “Courtney was a really nice person. I don’t want to badmouth her, she may have done some of the things she’s done, been the person she’s been, is the person she is,” he said, adding, “When I spent time with her super kind, super polite. I had lunch with her one time.”

While Brian is still single — as he noted during the podcast — his ex has since moved on with rocker Machine Gun Kelly, 30. The two became an item after Megan appeared as his love interest in the music video for his latest song, “Bloody Valentine.” The new couple was first spotted kissing and holding hands outside a Los Angeles bar on June 15, and they’ve been inseparable ever since. Megan and MGK are currently in Puerto Rico filming a movie together.

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