‘The Challenge’: Kyle & Melissa Reveal Whether They Really Hooked Up & More Reunion Bombshells

The cast of 'The Challenge: Total Madness' virtually reunited to spill the tea during the July 23 reunion special -- from Kyle and Melissa's rumored hookup and MUCH more!

There was a LOT of drama to unpack during The Challenge: Total Madness reunion special! Due to the coronavirus, the cast had to film the reunion over video chat this year, but that didn’t stop the scoop from being shared. After Johnny Bananas and Jenny West were congratulated on winning this season, the conversation flipped to Melissa Reeves, who ran the final while pregnant and not even knowing it.

“I was thinking to myself, why am I struggling so much?!” Melissa recalled. “I was at peak fitness level, so why am I so breathless? I knew something was wrong because we were hiking up the mountain and I was thinking of dates and stuff. When was my last period? Like, could I be pregnant? It wasn’t until we got back to Prague and I was in the shower in Bayleigh’s room when I was like, ‘Bayleigh, I think I might be pregnant.’ I went home and I went to the doctor and I was actually four months pregnant.”
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Melissa has confirmed the identity of her baby’s father as Danny Simpson. However, for months now, fans have speculated that fellow Challenge star, Kyle Shore, could be the dad due to a rumor that he and Melissa hooked up on the show. “I think people like the storyline of the show,” Melissa admitted. “Since there have been rumors of Kyle and I hooking up on the show, [the fans] like the thought of [my baby] actually being his.”
Kyle and Melissa both confirmed that they have NOT hooked up, and joked that Johnny was the one who started the gossip. However, when unseen footage showed Kyle with his hands under Melissa’s clothes, he had some explaining to do. “I could do that to anyone, man!” he insisted. “It’s nothing. It wasn’t that bad. It was just friendly flirting.” Melissa added, “You need someone in the house to be close with, and to be your person there. Kyle was my person.”
Kailah Casillas was also forced to address the fact that she cheated on her longtime boyfriend with Stephen Bear on the show. “[Bear] is just a really good time,” she said. “The bunker was really boring and Bear being there kept me really entertained. We hung out a lot and one thing led to another. I was unhappy in the situation I was in back home. I did a lot of reflecting in the house, and Bear was being very persistent. In my head, it was a way out. I said I was sorry. My ex-boyfriend and I have talked it over and that’s that.”
Once Kailah and Bear were both eliminated from The Challenge, she went back to the U.K. and hung out with him for two weeks, but the showmance didn’t escalate from there. “I had to go back to America and pack up my belongings from my old apartment, which I was living in with my ex-boyfriend,” she explained. “I pretty much started a new life.” Now, Kailah is dating a new guy, Sam. “I am so happy,” she gushed. “Things are just going really good.”
Meanwhile, Jenna Compono was joined by her fiance, Zach Nichols, to address their blowout fight from this season. Zach found something in Jenna’s Instagram DMs that led him to demand her to come home from the show. However, he refused to reveal what he saw. “It doesn’t matter,” he insisted. “Regardless of what I found, we were strong enough to work through it. I won’t go into that. It’s between us.”
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Jenna also admitted that she probably would’ve asked the same thing of Zach if he was on the show and the roles were reversed. “I probably would’ve done the same thing if I thought he was cheating on me or I saw something I didn’t like,” she said. “I understood where he was coming from. It was just hard.” Zach concluded by saying that he stands by his decision to approach the situation the way he did. The two also confirmed that they’re happier than ever and plan to marry in February 2021.
Another bombshell moment in the reunion was when Nany Gonzalez threatened to leave the video chat while discussing her fight with Aneesa Ferreira. “I do not want to do anymore reality TV because of [what happened],” Nany said. “I apologized to you a million times for it.” In the end, though, the ladies admitted that their friendship in real life is just fine. “We’ve talked about it,” Aneesa explained. “It’s upsetting for her and I get it. Nany has gotten a lot of s*** and it’s been unfair to her because it’s been about her character and her as a woman. And that’s unfair.”
Johnny Bananas and Wes Bergmann’s newfound friendship is also intact. Johnny confirmed that he did not feel betrayed by Wes’ decision to go against him in an elimination on the show. Both guys also said that they’d be willing to work together again in the future — so watch out, fellow competitors!

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