Kendall Jenner Brings Back The 90s Wearing Green Crop Top & Black Miniskirt On Lunch Date

Being safe is so ‘in right now. Kendall Jenner showed why she’s considered a style icon while grabbing a bite to eat by rocking a total cute top, a tight black skirt, and a très chic facemask.

With more and more COVID-19 cases being reported in California, Kendall Jenner, 24, didn’t take any risks when she joined a female friend for lunch at Malibu’s Taverna Tony on July 15. Along with a Princess Polly lime green crop top, taken straight out of the 1990s, and a miniskirt that hugged her hips, the model and Keeping Up with the Kardashians star wore a midnight-black facemask. It was fashionable and functional. Of course, she removed it when her food came, but when it came time to venture back out into the world, she slipped it back on. Way to keep it chic while adhering to the CDC’s recommended guidelines, Kendall!


A day before this lunch date, Kendall was spotted out on the sands of Malibu. She joined Jaden Smith, 22, and a couple other friends for a beach date. Kendall sported a purple two-piece with white patterns on it and covered herself up in a white t-shirt when it came time to lay on the sand. Jaden seemed to coordinate his outfit with Kendall’s. He also wore a purple and pink swirled tie-dyed t-shirt.

Since she hasn’t been working, due to the COVID-19 pandemic putting the fashion world on pause, Kendall has seemingly been enjoying the summer off. Every other day, it seems like she’s found a new bikini to wear. While most fans have appreciated this summer swimwear showcase from the glamorous Kendall, her father, Caitlyn Jenner, 70, had to step in when things went a little too far. After Kendall posted a picture of her lounging about in a set of cheetah print lingerie and some KENDAL X KYLIE makeup, Caitlyn slid into the comments to lightly scold her baby girl. “Put something more on! [winking eye, tongue-out emoji] Loving this collab. @Kendall love you baby. Killing it! @kyliecosmetics.”


The only time fans haven’t loved seeing Kendall…is when they saw her CGI avatar. Kendall is the star of Burberry’s new futuristic digital ad, which features a computer-generated rendition of the world-famous model. This digital Kendall (“Ken-digi-dall?”) was made by combining CGI with the real-life Jenner, but it went too far into the uncanny valley. It’s very Tom Hanks in The Polar Express. However, until the coronavirus pandemic settles, this might be the closest fans get when it comes to seeing the real Kendall model.

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