Trevor Daniel & Selena Gomez Release Trippy Geographical Video For ‘Past Life’

Ready to take a trip through Selena Gomez’s mind – literally? She and Trevor Daniel just released the topological video for their “Past Life” collab, and it’s as freaky as can be.

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Move over, John Mayer, with all that “Your body’s like a wonderland” nonsense, because Selena Gomez, 27, and Trevor Daniel, 25, have now taken it to the next level. Two weeks after she joined the “Fallen” singer to remix his track, “Past Life,” Trevor and Selena released the video on July 14. It is, as one expected from the previews, weird. Starting off as a Instagram Live chat between Selena and Trevor (similar to the lyric video), the camera suddenly dives into Selena…and from there, we view Selena and Trevor as a physical landscape. Imagine if Selena was the Grand Canyon, and you’d be close to what’s depicted in “Past Life.” In fact, there are numerous geographical terrains between Trevor and Selena. Deserts. Coastlines. Oceans. Woah. 

Taken from his 2020 album Nicotine, “Past Life” depicts someone on the verge of letting go of an unhealthy relationship. “Last night was the last night of my past life / Got me here like you can never figure me out /Last night was the last time, was the last time / I’ll never let you figure me out,” he sings, per Genius. “Sitting here, talking to myself / Thinking how I used to use you / Only thing I’m used to / Last night was the last night of my past life, woah.” On the remix, he and Selena take turns singing the lyrics, and this second voice adds another layer of context to the song.

Selena and Trevor teased the video days before its release. “Coming soon,” Selena captioned a video of a camera flying high above a desert’s canyon (which, upon closer inspection, revealed that far away mountain was someone’s eye.” Trevor also shared a video of a camera flying through a desert landscape, with a human ear seen in the distance.

“When I heard the song the first time, I loved the fact that it was kind of like a story about all the things that we tend to hold onto and the patterns that we have,” Selena said during a short Q&A session on June 25. “And I’m very, very vocal about my personal experiences making decisions that aren’t necessarily healthy for me.” She also said that the track, though profoundly serious, is also quite beautiful to her.


Trevor hinted that a collaboration with the “Boyfriend” singer was coming when he posted a mirror selfie wearing Selena’s merch on June 20. She then reposted it to her Instagram story, causing Selenators to go into a tizzy about the yet-to-be-confirmed remix. Previously, Trevor got a boost when blackbear and Summer Walker remixed his TikTok-fueled hit “Falling.”

Perhaps this video might give some “life” to this current single, chart-wise. The “Past Life” remix entered the Billboard Hot 100 at No. 77, behind Kane Brown’s “Cool Again” and ahead of surf mesa’s collab with Emilee, “ily.” Thankfully, Idolator reports that the track – which was co-written and produced by FINNEAS – is being “warmly embraced by pop radio” and streaming numbers are rising steadily.

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