‘Sweet Home Sextuplets’ Preview: Courtney Is ‘Stressed’ Over How The Babies Will Act At Kaleigh’s Wedding

Kaleigh's wedding day has arrived, and Courtney is worried about how the sextuplets will behave in this EXCLUSIVE preview of the new 'Sweet Home Sextuplets.'

“I think I’m more stressed out about having my 6 babies in Kaleigh’s wedding than I was before my own wedding,” Courtney Waldrop says in this EXCLUSIVE preview of the July 7 episode of Sweet Home Sextuplets. “Kaleigh set the bar high when she asked for 6 babies to walk down the aisle. They’re babies and we want them to go down the aisle, but they may not want to go down the aisle.”

Courtney’s plan to make sure everything runs smoothly as possible is that she and Emily will go to the front aisle and “lure the babies” down the aisle. Courtney admits that she doesn’t think that the babies are going to make it down the aisle. Suddenly, Tag is the one leading the way.

Sweet Home Sextuplets
‘Sweet Home Sextuplets’ stars Courtney and Eric Waldrop with their 9 adorable kids! (TLC)

This takes Courtney and Eric Waldrop by surprise since Tag is usually very shy. Courtney thought Blu or Layke would be the one to walk down the aisle first. “But Tag just comes almost running. He was so proud, and then about halfway down the aisle…” Courtney continues. When Tag realizes how many people are around, he really starts running to his mom. He’s the first Waldrop sextuplet to make it down the aisle.

Blu, Layke, Rivers, and Rayne follow Tag down the aisle. Rawlings doesn’t budge. She stays in the back with her dad. Courtney is so proud that she got 5 out of 6 babies down the aisle at Kaleigh’s wedding. That’s better than she ever expected! She is so excited over how her little ones did on Kaleigh’s big day.

Sweet Home Sextuplets
The Waldrop sextuplets were born in December 2017. They’re now 2 years old! (TLC)

“If you went back and tried to do that again, they would not fall for that,” Eric notes after the wedding. You got that right! Sweet Home Sextuplets airs Tuesdays at 10 p.m. on TLC after all-new episodes of Counting On.

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