‘To Catch A Beautician’ Preview: A Young Woman Cries Over Her Botched Bleach Job — Watch

A young woman opens up about her hair nightmare to Tamar Braxton and Johnny Wright in this EXCLUSIVE preview of 'To Catch A Beautician.' The woman reveals how a piece of hair broke off in the salon!

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A woman named Chanel has come to Tamar Braxton and Johnny Wright for help in this EXCLUSIVE sneak peek of the July 6 episode of To Catch A Beautician. Chanel tells them how she has this photoshoot in Bali, and she wanted to change up her hair. She was initially going for a Sofia Jamora look with long blonde extensions with highlights. Sofia is a popular social media influencer.

However, things took a turn when she went to the salon. Chanel thought she was going to be getting her hair done by the salon owner, but the owner passed her off to a stylist named Amber, who she’d never met before. Amber started Chanel out with a caramel base with a lightener.

To Catch a Beautician
A young woman recalls her salon nightmare in the July 6 episode. (VH1)

Amber shocked Chanel when she walked out of the hair salon for 35 minutes with no explanation. Amber reveals to Tamar and Johnny that her head started to feel weird as she waited for Amber to return. Amber eventually came back and washed Chanel’s hair out.

Chanel had a strand of hair in the front of her face after the wash. “I move it and it breaks in half instantly when I touch it,” Chanel revealed. Tamar and Johnny are shocked beyond belief. Johnny asked her again just to make sure. “It broke off completely,” Chanel said as she teared up.

Johnny Wright Tamar Braxton
Johnny Wright and Tamar Braxton host ‘To Catch a Beautician.’ (VH1)

The salon drama only gets worse. Amber made her leave the salon with wet hair so she wouldn’t know the full extent of the damage. “My hair is important to me because it’s very important that I look presentable,” Chanel says. “I’m representing someone so I have to look good for them.” To Catch A Beautician airs Mondays at 10 p.m. on VH1.

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