‘L&HH’s’ Masika Kalysha Reveals Why She’s Voting Kanye For President: He’s ‘Way Smarter Than Y’all Think’

After facing backlash from stars and fans alike, Kanye West has Masika Kalysha in his corner! The 'L&HH: Hollywood' star tweeted she'll 'vote for Kanye period.'

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Masika Kalysha
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Masika Kalysha, 35, knows who she plans to support in the 2020 presidential election — and it’s not Donald Trump, 73, or democratic nominee Joe Biden, 77. “I’m voting for Kanye period,” the Love & Hip-Hop: Hollywood star tweeted hours after Kanye West, 44, announced he was planning to run on Saturday, July 4. “Kanye is way smarter than y’all think and [his wife Kim Kardashian] ain’t no dummie… pay attention,” she wrote to her 265,000 followers.


While some of her fans immediately pushed back, noting that Kanye has controversially supported Trump, Masika didn’t hold back on her theories about why. “What [if] pretending to be a trump supporter to get him & Kim in the White House was the plan?” she pondered. “I could be completely wrong… but y’all think the same man who said [former president George Bush] hates black ppl on live tv, who ran up on Taylor Swift to promote Beyoncé & grew up in Chicago could really,” she went on, referencing two of Kanye’s most unforgettable moments on live television.

Kanye shocked the world with his surprising 4th of July announcement. “We must now realize the promise of America by trusting God, unifying our vision and building our future. I am running for president of the United States! #2020VISION,” the Yeezy designer tweeted to much confusion — including about how he could be running so late in the game. Fresh off their hangout, Tesla founder Elon Musk was one of the first to back him, writing “You have my full support!”

The following day, Masika also expressed her confusion about what Kanye’s plans were. “Is Kanye actually running like for real????” she wrote on July 5, as fans speculated he would enter the race as an independent. “Cuz y’all getting bent outta shape cus I said I’m voting for him…. buuutttt I didn’t actually think he entered the race this late. this fa real?” she added, going on to clap back at fans who believe that Kanye running could “split votes,” and possibly make it easier for Trump to claim a victory against Biden.

“Do u understand that u asked me a question and then answered it yourself?” she tweeted back to a fan who accused her of not “understanding” that splitting votes would do. “Trump has no experience. I’d rather vote for my dog…I would vote for Bert and Ernie b4 I vote for trump. Siskel and Ebert. Ebert and Roeper. Big bird. Snufalufagus. North West. Elmo. Pinocchio. RobinHood. My daughter. The 6th person to rt this. The paw patrol. The PJ masks…” she also said.