‘Sex & The City’ Hunk Jason Lewis Looks Unrecognizable With Quarantine Mustache

Samantha Jones couldn't get enough of Jerry 'Smith' Jerrod's long golden hair on 'Sex & The City.' Nearly two decades later and the fictional model's actor, Jason Lewis, is rocking a very long mustache!

Jerry “Smith” Jerrod joined the A-list ranking of TV boyfriends with his floppy blonde hair and chiseled abs on Sex & The City. Jason Lewis, the actor behind the iconic character who is now 49 years old, is looking a little different — scratch that, a lot different — than when he used to play Samantha Jones‘ boy toy model on the small screen. Jason emerged with a surprising mustache, befitting a hot mountaineer man, when he appeared for an interview on Australia’s The Morning Show on June 30!

Jason was rocking scruff along his jawline as well, a far cry from his pretty boy image on Sex & The City. We think Kim Cattrall’s character would be just as lustful for this updated look. Jason hopped on for the interview to discuss his partnership with the global charity Best Buddies, which is “on a mission to end social isolation” and provide work opportunities for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Of course, Jason also got to talking about his time on the famous HBO show that aired between 1998-2004!

Jason Lewis
Jason Lewis debuts his heavy mustache on The Morning Show on June 30, 2020. (Courtesy of The Morning Show)

When asked why he thinks Sex & The City is beloved by so many, Jason joked, “Well it starts with the title, sex.” On a more serious note, he added, “No, I think any really good writing speaks to something we all experience, and I think they did such a good job with doing that while keeping it funny and entertaining and sensational…there was something that was real heartful in each episode.”

He even explained that one history-making scene: the moment Smith stripped in front of an audience. “It was a lot of takes. A lot of takes. And a lot of people,” Jason recalled. On a cheeky note, he added, “It was a good lesson in getting used to your natural state.”

Jason Lewis
Jason Lewis as his character, Jerry “Smith” Jerrod, on Sex & The City. (REX/Shutterstock)

Jason’s character underwent his own hair makeover in the last season of Sex & The City. [SPOILER ALERT] Smith touched countless fans when he shaved his head in solidarity with Samantha, who had just been diagnosed with breast cancer. Even better than Smith’s great hair and looks was his heart!

Jason starred in both of the Sex & The City feature films, and continued to appear in the television series Lehiyot Ita and Midnight, Texas (he also had roles on Charmed and Beverly Hills, 90210 in the late ’90s and early 2000’s). He became engaged to actress Liz Godwin, 28, in Feb. 2020.

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