Ashley Benson Appears On G-Eazy’s Spicy New Tune Describing The ‘Best Sex’ He’s Ever Had — Listen

This is now Ashley Benson's second time lending her voice to a G-Eazy track! The lovers can be heard chatting on G-Eazy's romantic new song, 'All the Things You're Searching For.'

Listen closely to G-Eazy’s new song “All The Things You’re Searching For,” and you’ll hear a familiar voice from Pretty Little Liars: Ashley Benson! The 30-year-old actress can be heard talking with her rumored boyfriend on the track that dropped on June 27, which came with the arrival of G-Eazy’s new album Everything’s Strange here. This marks the second time Ashley has appeared on his music! Although their conversation is mostly reduced to mumbling, Ashley can be heard saying “Oh, great” before G-Eazy starts crooning about an unnamed lover.

“Think about the moment I decided I loved you / I got nowhere to run to, uh / And it’s too late, we can’t undo / I feel like you’re the one, there’s only one you,” G-Eazy sings in the first verse, before diving into especially X-rated lyrics: “The best sex I ever had, I can’t forget that / If I go a day without you, then I’ll miss that / I’ll lose my mind before I lose you, I can’t risk that.”

Singer Kossiko also joined G-Eazy for the track, and together they sing in the chorus, “If you choose to go open up this door / You’ll find yourself with more than you bargained for / Win, lose, draw, you can’t even up your score / I hope you find all the things you’re searchin’ for.” Ashley first partnered with G-Eazy for a cover of Radiohead’s classic song, “Creep,” which was released on April 21.

Ashley Benson, G-Eazy
Ashley Benson and G-Eazy enjoy a hike together in Los Angeles. (MEGA)

It looks like Ashley and G-Eazy’s fling is heating up, seeing that they linked up for yet another track! The unexpected duo sparked romance rumors after a video of the stars kissing in a car surfaced on May 14, shortly after Ashley’s split from model Cara Delevingne was reported. However, Cara defended her ex with a plea on her Instagram Story: “To everyone hating on Ashley Benson, please stop. You don’t know the truth, only her and I do, and that’s exactly how it should be.”

From there on out, Ashley and G-Eazy continued to be spotted together on numerous occasions. Ashley even brought G-Eazy (real name Gerald Earl Gillum) as her date to her sister Shaylene‘s wedding on June 18! When the lovers first sparked rumors, however, a source close to G-Eazy EXCLUSIVELY told HollywoodLife that the music collaborators were just “having a good time.”

“They like hanging out and like to do music together,” the source further explained to us in May. “It’s more that, than romance but that is also happening. It’s more than a friends with benefits thing, their main focus is music and their working relationship has led to more that they are trying to navigate through. Chances of things getting super serious anytime soon probably won’t happen but they are on a good wavelength with each other right now. They like hanging out and letting it become what it becomes. No labels.”

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