‘Mama June: Family Crisis’ Recap: June Admits She Was High On Cocaine During Family Intervention

Mama June Shannon and her family looked back at some of her erratic behavior on 'Mama June: Family Crisis', during the June 19 episode of the series.

The June 19 episode of Mama June: Family Crisis served as a look “behind the headlines”, during which Pumpkin and Honey Boo Boo sat down and discussed this season’s biggest moments, as well as the headlines surrounding Mama June Shannon‘s ongoing drama. And one moment that stuck out to us the most was when June admitted to being high on cocaine when her family tried staging an intervention.

“I lost who I was for a while, I do believe that,” June said. “But I feel like this and I’ve always felt this way. There’s mistakes that I have made in the past I wish I wouldn’t have done, but they’re lessons learned. And that’s the true s***. That sounds crazy but that’s my terminology. I’ve felt that way all my life.”

After storming out of the family meeting, June cried to producers. “I was f***ed up,” she admitted this week, while looking back on that footage. “I had smoked cocaine and when they ambushed me at Doe Doe‘s house, I had done it the night before.”

During June’s breakdown, she also said, “I hate myself, I want to f***ing kill the person I am now.” And this week, she explained what she meant. “I remember telling you that,” June said. “I hated the person I was. And I wanted to kill that person I was, if that makes sense. I didn’t want to kill myself physically, but I wanted to kill that personality.”

Then, when June was asked whether she’s “feeling more like yourself” now, she replied, “I do believe the person I wanted to kill is in the past. I hated that person I was.”

Later in the episode, footage taken from earlier in the season showed Dr. Ish explaining to Pumpkin why Geno Doak has so much control over June. “The reason Geno works for her is because Geno treats her in life the way she feels about herself inside,” Dr. Ish told Pumpkin. “When she was heavier, she knew who she was… But now she went from not to hot. So now what does this mean?”

Dr. Ish further told Pumpkin that he believes June feels like she’s “got to be this whole other person, and she has no idea who that is. And then in walks Geno to help define that for her. He’s got her dependent on him. So where she is, she’s thinking, I need to do everything I can to keep that.”

“If all I’ve got to do to keep him is use some drugs with him? Okay. Cut my kids off? Okay,” Dr. Ish continued. “Geno shows up, he’s got her doing things that keep her in a mind state that makes her very easy to control.”

While this week was full of old footage, next week will pick up where we last left off with June. As you’ll recall, June and Pumpkin reunited during the June 12 episode after a six-month separation. And even though June claimed she was three months sober, Pumpkin asked Mama June to go to rehab. Mama June refused, but she did agree to go to outpatient rehab, and Pumpkin later drove her to her first session.

Want more drama? The season finale of Mama June: Family Crisis airs Friday, June 26, at 9pm on WE tv.

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