Sofia Carson & Dove Cameron Urge Gen Z To Vote With Powerful Messages On ‘Democracy Summer’ Concert

Sofia Carson and Dove Cameron made sure their fans heard them loud and clear when they said they need to rock the vote! The Disney Channel stars appearance at #DemocracySummer2020 was everything.

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The Descendants have taken over #DemocracySummer2020. They may play the relatives of Disney’s greatest villains, but Sofia Carson and Dove Cameron appeared at the June 18 event to do something good: encourage their Gen Z and Millennial fans to vote in the 2020 presidential election. Sofia, 27, and Dove, 24, appeared separately with powerful messages urging young Americans to “harness their power” at the polls and vote.

“Our vote is our voice. Our vote is always will be our most powerful weapon,” Sofia began in her powerful speech. “This year, 4 million of you will turn 18. That’s 4 million loud and powerful voices that make up 40% of the total voters in this country. Our power is undeniable. But it only matters if we show up,” the former Pretty Little Liars: The Perfectionists star said in her taped virtual message. ”

Fueled by passion — unstoppable passion we are witnessing change. Historic and long overdue change,” Sofia continued. “Change lead by a generation of fearless hearts….that using their voices to fight for justice, for equality, to fight for the rights of each and every one of our brothers and sisters. Now it’s our time to take our voices to the polls. Together, let’s rock the vote,” she concluded.

Dove echoed a similar sentiment. “Did you know what we — Gen Z’s and Millennials — represent 40% of voters in our country?” the blonde began. “In the last few weeks, and over the course of the last four years we have united to fight for the future generations we should have never have had to fight for. For the world we should already be living in. For the human rights that every human is born deserving,” she added.

“Between the war on women’s bodies, the climate crisis, and the rampant systemic racism that infects our nation — the time to use our voice is now. As in right now,” Dove said. “We have the power to create an America that’s by the people for the people. Not for big business, not for morally corrupt officials…but for the people. We need to organize, we need to mobilize and we need to show up — 2020 is not the end of the old world, but the start of a new one,” she concluded.

Dove Cameron Sofia Carson
Dove Cameron (L) and Sofia Carson (R) at the Descendants 2 premiere (Shutterstock)

Prior to #DemocracySummer2020, Dove spoke about how excited she was to support the cause. “I am so honored to be part of Democracy Summer 2020 and the Rock the Vote virtual event! Our country and democracy are at a critical tipping point. Now more than ever we have the opportunity to enact change by combating systemic racism, the climate crisis and the regular assault on our basic human rights as American citizens,” she wrote in a statement.

“We must elect leaders on a local and national level that will fight for the reform that our country needs. We as Gen Z and Millennials make up about 40% of all voters in this country. Our influence, our power, our VOICES are loud. Let’s make them heard!” Sofia tweeted, “our vote is our voice. together, let’s rock the vote.” So inspiring! Speaking of Rock The Vote, the event was thrown by the group, in partnership with Michelle Obama‘s nonpartisan voter rights group, When We All Vote, March For Our Lives, and more.

The event was held to kick off their admirable initiative. They want to register 200,000 Americans to vote before President Donald Trump, and presumably, former Vice President Joe Biden go head-to-head at the polls on November 3. You can help them out by registering to vote, if you haven’t already, by filling out the form below. It’s seriously that easy.

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