Rosario Dawson Confirms She’s Moving to NJ For Cory Booker After 4 Mos. Apart

It's official: Rosario Dawson's giving up that bicoastal life and moving to New Jersey for BF Cory Booker! After months apart due to COVID-19 lockdown, the actress and senator are moving in together.

Rosario Dawson and Cory Booker are taking the next step in their relationship and moving in together! The Clerks II actress, 41, stopped by friend Kevin Smith‘s Jay and Silent Reboot popup in Los Angeles and broke the happy news: she’s moving across the country to be with her New Jersey senator boyfriend full-time. The couple have been quarantining apart for the last four months, and decided enough was enough, she explained. She’s packing up and heading to the Garden State!

“My boyfriend. I haven’t seen him since February. He is by himself, going between Newark and DC,” she told Kevin in an interview posted to the director’s YouTube channel, which you can watch above. “I’m actually in the process of moving, by the way. I’m going to New Jersey. I’m moving to Newark. We were thinking about moving in together anyway, but especially during all of this, it’s been really intense,” Rosario said, referring to the coronavirus crisis. “I’m excited.”

Cory Booker Rosario Dawson
Cory Booker and Rosario Dawson at the Zombieland: Double Tap premiere (Michael Buckner /Variety / Shutterstock)

The Briarpatch star pointed out that she’s always on the East Coast anyway seeing Cory, 51, to the point where fans just assumed she already lived there. She’ll be keeping her “New York place” and “bought property upstate” (presumably in New York), so she’s got plenty of places to chill with her guy. Now she can stop “living on a plane,” as she joked that she used to do before COVID-19 made everyone shelter in place.

Rosario chose not to see Cory for the past four months because of her father’s health struggles. Greg Dawson recently defeated pancreatic cancer, and therefore in the high risk category for contracting COVID-19. ” I just want to do anything and everything we can in this next year or year and a half, whatever period it is, of just being as safe as possible,” she told ET in April.

Cory and Rosario have been dating since late 2018, confirming their relationship in March 2019 after months of speculation. The couple are deeply supportive of one another. She cheered him on during presidential debates before he dropped out of the 2020 race, and he was right by her side on red carpets for her film premieres. Despite the distance, their relationship is stronger than ever.

In fact, Rosario said in a February 2020 interview that she “feels a lot of life ahead of [her]” with Cory. “It’s been beautiful feeling nurtured and taken care of,” she told Women’s Health. “I’ve never been this close to someone. We make sure we connect. That’s something I’ve taken for granted in the past.”

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