‘AGT’ Recap: An Inspiring Subway Dance Crew Wows Simon Cowell & Gets His Golden Buzzer

An incredible dance group stuns Simon Cowell and the rest of the 'AGT' audience with their truly epic performance. Simon is so impressed that he gives his Golden Buzzer to the group during the June 16 episode!

The AGT auditions are still in full swing. Noah Epps is the first performer of the night. The 11-year-old dancer comes out looking like a marionette doll. He’s been dancing for 4 to 5 years. His performance is unlike anything we’ve ever seen. He’s so effortless and limber! Howie Mandel says Noah commanded the stage. “What you just did was lit,” Howie adds. Simon Cowell tells Noah that he’s got “fire in your eyes” and “may be one to watch.”

Next up is 17-year-old Luca Di Stefano from Sicily. When he opens his mouth to sing Marvin Gaye’s “Let’s Get It On,” his voice is incredibly deep. It’s so unexpected! Howie admits that he was “expecting that” at all. Heidi Klum raves over Luca’s amazing gift and says his voice is “so special.”

W.A.F.F.L.E. Crew earned Simon Cowell’s Golden Buzzer on ‘AGT.’ (NBC)

Subway dance crew W.A.F.F.L.E. Crew takes the stage next. These dancers from the Bronx want to showcase their LiteFeet style of dance to the world. Their performance is nothing short of electric. Their moves are so smooth, and the showcase their incredible athleticism with tumbling. Terry gets so excited watching them, and the crowd is on fire cheering them on. “I’ve never seen anything like that in my life,” Terry raves. Simon tells the group that this was his “favorite audition” so far.

He’s so impressed with W.A.F.F.L.E. Crew that he gives them his Golden Buzzer! When he’s asked by Terry why he chose W.A.F.F.L.E. Crew, Simon says it was their talent and determination that stood out to him. He’s been waiting for this performance!

Nolan Neal is a musician from Nashville looking for a second chance. He opens up to the judges how his dad committed suicide when he was just 26 years old. Nolan eventually got a record deal in Los Angeles, but he lost his way. He was dropped by his record company. He’s performing the first song he wrote sober. His performance is emotional and truly stunning. Everyone gives him a standing ovation. Simon raves over Nolan’s “amazing voice.” Howie tells Nolan that “we felt your heart, we felt your soul, we felt your pain.” Sofia Vergara tears up and says, “It was really touching for me, your song. I know very well the sickness of addiction.” She admits that people in her family have struggled with addiction, and Nolan’s song gives her “a lot of hope.” The judges can’t wait to see what he sings next.

Ukulele player Feng E earns a standing ovation from Simon after his performance. Simon loves that Feng E is so “unique” and “talented.” The unique duo OLOX wants to make their dreams a reality on AGT. The duo hails from the Arctic Siberia and gives a one-of-a-kind performance. You can’t take your eyes off these fascinating performers. Heidi says she’s “never heard anything like that before.” Sofia gushes over the “beautiful” performance, and Simon is impressed with their “very original act.”

The next day, Heidi calls in sick, so it’s just Simon, Sofia, and Howie for the day. Young singer Ashley Marina hits the stage and belts out Martina McBride’s “Anyway.” Simon doesn’t let her finish the song and tells her that the backing track was “very overbearing.” He asks her to sing another song a capella. When that’s done, he says that she’s picking the wrong songs.

Sofia wants to give her another chance. Simon agrees so they tell her to come back later. She tries her hand at other songs and settles on an original track about her dad. When she returns, her performance is stunning. You can feel the emotion in her voice. Ashley earns a standing ovation. Sofia calls her “fantastic.” Both Howie and Simon are blown away.

Nolan Neal
Nolan Neal performed an original song on the June 16 episode of ‘AGT.’ (NBC)

Diablo performer Marco Angelo is AGT’s biggest fan. Performing on the show is a dream come true. His performance is electric. He keeps you glued on him the entire time. His brother, Marco, joins him for the performance, and together they make up the Spyros Bros. Howie is absolutely stunned by the act. His jaw drops. Marco admits he has a delayed language disability and has been bullied. “You are amazing. You’re a winner,” Howie tells Marco. The Spyros Bros are moving on! This recap is developing…

The final performance of the night is sword swallower Brett Loudermilk from North Carolina. He asks Sofia to help him with his act. “I’m not going to swallow anything!” she declares. Brett tells Sofia that he wants her to pull the sword out of his mouth. When he sticks the sword down his throat initially, she runs off. Terry brings Sofia back. They go through this a number of times and Sofia finally says, “I can’t!” He tries one more time, and she does pull the sword out of his mouth.

Sofia returns to her seat, and Brett reveals there’s more. He sticks a zig-zag sword down his throat and pulls it out himself. For the final part of his performance, he’s going to swallow three swords! One by one, the 3 judges pull out one sword. Even though she freaked out, Sofia tells Brett this performance was “super fun.” The judges loved the surprises Brett brought to AGT!

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