’90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After’ Premiere: Larissa Admits She Misses Colt After Her New Breakup

Larissa and Colt are trying to live their best post-divorce lives, but Larissa tells her friends that she does 'miss' Colt during the '90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After?' season 5 premiere.

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When 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? season 5 starts, Colt is trying to move on with his life after Larissa. He’s still living with his mom, Debbie, but he has a new lease on life and is trying to get into shape. He thinks he’s ready to start dating again, but Debbie doesn’t think that’s a good idea.

However, it’s a little too late for him to listen to his mom. He’s already met someone, and her name is Jess. The 26-year-old reached out to Colt. She lives in Chicago, but they met up once in Las Vegas. Colt likes the fact that Jess is fun, likes to party, and loves cats. He’s headed to spend a weekend with her in Chicago, where she works as an au pair.

90 Day Fiance
Colt and Larissa of ’90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After?’

Meanwhile, Larissa is completing her community service after her 3 arrests. She’s now living with her friend Carmen and is worried she’s going to be deported because of her legal issues. Despite all this drama, she has met someone, Eric. “He’s tall, sexy, young, independent,” Larissa says. Eric has helped her a lot with her legal issues. Larissa’s case is still open and she has to go back to court one more time. She wants her charges to be reduced to disorderly conduct.

Larissa has also undergone a major transformation since splitting from Colt. In addition to losing weight, she’s gotten plastic surgery. “I did butt to make bigger. I did Botox. I did my nose. I did my lips, I did my cheekbones. I did my chin. I am a new woman,” she reveals.

When she has a girls’ day, Larissa admits that she’s broken up with Eric after 8 months. “We don’t have sex. Nothing. It’s like two friends hanging out,” she reveals. “Colt is different from Eric because Colt always want to make sex.” One of her friends asks about Colt’s you-know-what. “Colt doesn’t have a biggie, but not small, like. Like a dog,” Larissa says. “I miss Colt that Colt found me attractive to some degree. Eric never complimented me. Never.” But she’s not totally done with Colt. Her ex-husband has canceled her affidavit support, so now she has to find another way to stay in America. She asks her father for money, and he agrees to help her with her green card application.

As Larissa is dealing with legal and relationship woes, Colt is preparing for his trip to Chicago. His mom has no idea that he’s meeting up with Jess. When he arrives, he goes to meet Jess for drinks. At first, it’s a little awkward between them, but they eventually bond over their love for cats. Colt eventually asks her to come back to his hotel room so they can “probably have sex.”

On their way back to his hotel, Colt tells Jess that he’s so happy that he came to Chicago. However, their night takes a turn when Colt reveals that he hasn’t told his mother about her. “I no important for Colt,” Jess believes. Colt stresses that it’s “complicated” for him and adds that he needs to “be careful” because his last relationship “almost destroyed me.” He does reveal in his confessional that he’s already “falling hard for Jess.”

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