Lance Bass Attends Black Lives Matter Protest After Getting Into Nasty Twitter Feud With Candace Owens

Lance Bass was spotted supporting the Black Lives Matter movement by writing a list of names of victims that died at the hands of police outside with his husband Michael Turchin and other supporters.

Lance Bass, 41, made sure to do his part for the Black Lives Matter movement on June 12 when he walked outside to write a list of names of African American victims who were sadly killed at the hands of police. The singer, who was joined by husband Michael Turchin, 33, wore a white T-shirt with Kermit the Frog on it it, a black face mask, and dark jeans while taking action and he also showed off light blue hair. He was holding a white piece of paper and writing the names on a glass window with a brightly colored marker as others around him did the same thing.

Lance Bass
Lance Bass supporting the Black Lives Matter movement. (MEGA)

Lance’s latest participation for the Black Lives Matter movement comes as no surprise since he’s been very open about supporting the cause. The move comes just a few days after he made headlines for getting into a Twitter feud with conservative activist Candace Owens, 31, who has made it clear she is against the Black Lives Matter movement and thinks the protesters seeking justice for George Floyd, who died at the hands of police on May 25, should stop treating him like a “hero” because of his criminal past. After Lance called her a “fraud” in a Facebook post on June 8, she clapped back with her own tweet that told him he “peaked in high school.”

Lance Bass
Lance Bass writing names of victims who died at the hands of police alongside other BLM supporters. (MEGA)

“Apparently, @LanceBass —known to most of us as Justin Timberlake’s fourth back-up singer from decades past—has been going off about me on Facebook bc he thinks any Black person that won’t support BLM ain’t Black,” she wrote. “Lance, you peaked in high school. Nobody cares what you think.”

Lance didn’t hesitate to respond back to basically call her a liar. “And btw, never once did I say a Black person isn’t really Black for not supporting #BLM. Again more lies coming from your end per usual,” he tweeted in response to her tweet. “I simply stated that YOU promote racist ideologies that overtly diminish the Black community to appeal to a white ignorant base. Clear now?”

Despite Candace’s stance on the protests that have been seeking racial justice, Lance and many other celebrities have been taking part in demonstrations and social media posts to show their support for black lives. Madonna, Jamie Foxx, Ariana Grande, Michael B. Jordan, and Halsey are just some of the popular people seen on the streets since Floyd’s death.

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