‘Zombies 2’ & ‘Descendants 2’ Mash-Up: DCOMs Unite For Epic Musical Moment — Watch

What happens when you bring 'Zombies 2' and 'Descendants 2' together? You get musical greatness! HL has an EXCLUSIVE sneak peek of the 'Like the Zombies Do/Chillin' Like a Villain' mash-up video!

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Honestly, we never thought Zombies 2 and Descendants 2 would come together like this. This brand-new mash-up video features “Like the Zombies Do” and “Chillin’ Like a Villain,” which are 2 of the biggest hits from the DCOMs. In our EXCLUSIVE preview, the incredible songs mix together seamlessly.

The full video premieres on June 10 on Disney Music VEVO. Both “Like the Zombies Do” and “Chillin’ Like A Villain” are songs you always want to get up and dance to, but this mash-up is taking things to a whole new level. The mash-up will have you on your feet immediately.

Descendants 2
Sofia Carson, Cameron Boyce, Booboo Stewart, and Mitchell Hope in the ‘Chillin’ Like A Villain’ number in ‘Descendants 2.’ (Disney Channel)

“Chillin’ Like a Villain” was one of the key songs of Descendants 2, which premiered in 2017. The song features Sofia Carson, Cameron Boyce, Booboo Stewart, and Mitchell Hope. Evie, Carlos, and Jay show Ben what it’s like to be a villain in this high-energy number. The “Chillin’ Like a Villain” music video has over 200 million views on YouTube and counting. When HollywoodLife wrote about Descendants 2 in 2017, we called “Chillin’ Like a Villain” the “best musical number” of the sequel.

“Like the Zombies Do” was performed as Zed showed the werewolves how to fit in at Seabrook. The fun and catchy number included Milo Manheim, Chandler Kinney, Pearce Joza, Ariel Martin, and Kylee Russell. Zombies 2 recently premiered in Feb. 2020, and the “Like the Zombies Do” music video has over 52 million views on YouTube and counting.

Zombies 2
Milo Manheim, Meg Donnelly, Kylee Russell, and Carla Jeffery in ‘Zombies 2.’ (Disney Channel)

HollywoodLife recently spoke EXCLUSIVELY with Milo and Meg Donnelly about their favorite musical numbers of Zombies 2. “Even though I wasn’t in this number, ‘I’m Winning’ is definitely my favorite because every time I watch it, I get so pumped,” Meg told HollywoodLife. “I stand out of my seat and start screaming. But my favorite one to be a part of was definitely ‘Flesh and Bone.’” Milo said, “I think ‘Flesh and Bone’ makes me feel the same way that ‘I’m Winning’ gets you, Meg. ‘Flesh and Bone’ to me is that song that gets you out of your seat and your heart starts racing along with everybody else. It’s just one of those high energy dances. It’s really fun to do with the whole cast.”

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